My Personal Pet Peeves. Are These Yours?

These are my own personal pet peeves. Please note that I’m not a complainer and if I express these out loud, it’s only to make fun of them. Normally I keep them tucked away inside. Here is what annoys me:

    1. The confusion around the bakery and lunch line at Panera. If I’m ordering a latte do I go in the bakery or lunch lane? I don’t know.
    2. People behind you who flash their lights several times. Are they warning the people on the other side? Are they trying to tell me something? I’m not psychic!
    3. The person at the gas station line who has had a solid 2 minutes to pull out their form of payment only to wait till they get to the attendant to pay. Actually, this happens anywhere.
    4. Putting the toilet paper on wrong. I think we all know which way it goes.
    5. People who find it acceptable to burp in public.
    6. Leaving 3 squares of toilet paper on the roll so technically they didn’t leave an empty roll AND they don’t have to change it.
    7. The person who feels the need to talk on the cell phone while checking out, in a public restroom or grocery shopping.
    8. Kohls.
    9. The person that has an assigned side dish for a meal at your home and brings all the ingredients to your home to make it. God forbid they dirty dishes at their home.
    10. Facebook game invites….over and over and over again.
    11. Periods.
    12. The person that is invited to your BYOB event, doesn’t bring anything to drink because “they aren’t going to drink tonight” then proceeds to polishes off 2/3 of one of your bottles of wine.
    13. The person that sends you an e-mail, waits 2 minutes after sending it to find you to ask “did you get my e-mail?”
    14. Skinny people announcing they are fat.
    15. Someone using the 15 items or less aisle to check out with their 30 items.
    16. Blue Tooth Headsets.
    17. Completely inaccurate recipes that after following it to a t for over an hour, it tastes like ass.
    18. Buy 2, get 1 free deals. I don’t need 3 grills!


Thought of this one in the shower:
That 1 stray pubic hair you forgot to get and don’t notice till in your bathing suit at the pool.

So pretty much the overall theme here are oblivious people. I want to know what your pet peeves are! Did I touch on any of them?

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