The 10-Year-Old Vs. the 42-Year-Old


Just before Christmas, we finished our basement that had flooded 3 years earlier. Sure, we’ll probably have life-long asthma problems thanks to the black mold but hey, our man cave looks great! Now that my Chihuahua, Chi-Chi Barbados (God rest her furry soul) is gone, we could invest in nice carpet, not worried about dodging piss-landmines.

Saturday night, Carter and I were bored…like really bored. Given our weather right now is on par with Antarctica, it’s not like we felt like going out. To amuse himself (and to give me additional anxiety) he decided to coast down the basement stairs, over and over on his stomach. Below is the video of one of his many trips. Note how nimble, carefree and light he is.

Carter Gliding Down the Stairs

But I wanted a piece of the action too. I was curious if I could pull off the same feat. I had lost a few pounds, so perhaps I could coast down the stairs like a graceful swan; a delicate ballerina.

Instead, as I inched towards the bottom, I resembled what a sloth and hyena would look like if mated. I was essentially a slyena.

Are you ready for it? You can call me Grace if you like….

Me Not Gliding Down the Stairs

P.S. I was 100% sober when filming this. No seriously, this is me sober.


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