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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like to Workout

Let’s just be real, exercising sucks. I figure that scientists will eventually figure out that some humans are wired to actually enjoy strenuous activity while others prefer watching these people strain. If you’re wondering what inspired this post, it was my son’s soccer game, sitting in 90 degree weather, melting along with the other parents while our children ran in the inhumane temperatures.

I remember as a 9-year-old on a Saturday morning, I would throw on my blue 1-piece leotard, go down to the cable box (no remote, you would have to press a button to switch from 1 of your 20 stations) and flip on the Disney channel. There, in all it’s glory was Mousercise, a workout show for children. I wouldn’t actually do the workouts. I’d just lay on my sofa in my blue leotard and watch the perky woman guide eighties-clad children to physical fitness.

“Why don’t you get out on the floor and do the workout with them?” My dad would ask as he zipped up his hoodie to jog to the Y.

“I will in 10 minutes. I’m just waking up.” I would respond knowing full well I would not be moving from the sofa.

Growing up, my father was adamant about working out. Sometimes he would jog to the YMCA (probably 2-3 miles) or in miserable weather would drive. My dad was one of the few dads that had a 6-pack and still had much of his hair. So to see his daughter lay on the sofa watching children exercise while in a leotard was probably a little frustrating.

And unapologetically, I’ll tell you why I don’t like exercising. Here’s my list in no particular order.

  1. Though I love taking showers, I don’t love taking 2 of them a day. And if you workout on your lunch (yes, yours truly use to do this), you are then forced to apply makeup twice and do your hair twice. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  2. Along with 2 showers comes extra clothes to wash. Are you kidding me? I wash everyone’s clothes in this house. My sons have soccer practice almost every night, that means 2 outfits a day for them as well. I would implement naked day once a week if I could, just to get out of doing laundry.
  3. I’ve tried jogging in the cold and though undiagnosed, I think I have TMJ, no not TMI, TMJ. Basically when my jaw gets cold, the pain in unbearable. Like, tears in my eyes painful. So yes, I’m blaming my lack of exertion on a jaw problem.
  4. Exercising is good in theory and for the first 2 minutes you’re pumped, you’re gonna do this, you’re gonna kick ass until you begin to mentally review everything on your to-do list. Before you know it, you’ve been staring at a shiny object for the past 5 minutes, wondering if your coupon is still good at Old Navy.
  5. Like spicy food, exercising is just uncomfortable to me. I have no desire to “push myself” or “get out of my comfort zone”. I want to be in my bed, binge watching The Office.

So yeah, I hate exercising. How about you? Do you “love” it (liar)?

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12 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like to Workout

  1. Okies little bit of a long and overshare comment coming your way, but we’re sisters so it’s all good!

    I love doing classes like yoga or Pilates! Sure I hate them but I love them! When I was in Korea I went to Pilates all the time after work. But that was when I kept my natural hair long. Now that I cut it short (literally I cut it, with scissors, myself) I don’t want to take my wig off to go to a class. And exercising in my wig is just an extra layer of sweat I don’t want to deal with. Maybe when I get my new hair (possibly in Aprilish) I will use the old wig to exercise and get gross? I’m not sure. So I’m left to do routines in my house which is great! Finish and go straight to the shower! But also not cos I have no motivation.

    I’m currently in the middle of a running phase. I hate running wit all my of being but my body is like “hey let’s run!” So I got new running shoes over the weekend and actually went on Monday evening! I was out for like 20 mins and ran for maybe 3-5 of it? My heart was RACING omg I’m so out of shape! And then that night I either had food poisoning or a heart attack. Greys Anatomy has told me for women the symptoms are almost the same: woke up a few times almost throwing up, diarrhea, cold sweats. I’m gonna go out again tonight but won’t push it as hard lol my shoes are too cute to just let them sit there doing nothing

    1. Well if you’ve got cute shoes…..then you have to use them! Anyway, yeah running sucks. It sucks so bad! I think also another reason I don’t workout is the problem with my right foot and the ball of nerves I guess that are balled up in there. Anyway, yeah, I could see where getting your wig sweaty is more trouble than it’s worth. That just add a whole other layer of why it sucks to exercise!

      1. I don’t mind exercising at home and in the winter I can run with a hat instead of the wig. I should learn how to wrap a head scarf haha hoping to go for a run tonight again. My muscles are all tight and i need it. But it all depends on when I get home from work.

  2. Before my wedding, I was at the gym a minimum of 45 minutes, 4-5 days a week. Since the wedding, I’ve gone to the gym once (last week). If I don’t have a good reason to work out, I think of something else to do like laundry (which I also despise but like more than running) or flipping furniture (a hobby of mine I quite enjoy) or cleaning out the garage because yes, I’d rather do manual labor and deal with bugs than repetitively pick up a dumbbell while starring at my pudgy self in the mirror.

    1. Yeah, and who’s the ass hole that thought mirrors would be a good idea in gyms? I don’t want to stare at me at my worst. “Oh, let’s put a tight outfit on so I can really see my rolls, next I’ll have 0 makeup on and my hair in a pony tail.” This will motivate me. I’ve heard of a lot of women who workout vigorously before their wedding and afterwards they’re like exe-who? I would think cleaning and flipping furniture would give you some sort of workout.

  3. I “used” to love exercise, so much so that I taught aerobics 5 times a week. Now however, I hate it in fact the only exercise I enjoy nowadays is swimming, golf, yoga and and the odd walk to the mailbox (which, btw is about 10 yards from my front door). I’m with you on the laundry business, I’m not even working and I ain’t got time for 2 loads of laundry a day, if I could justify spending money on someone to do my laundry and change my sheets, you can bet your ass I would! Maybe I can hire someone to exercise for me??

    1. EXACTLY! And often times, I can’t even get the sweat smell out of the clothes so when I put the workout clothes on, I constantly feel like I have B.O. I can’t believe you taught aerobics 5 times a week. You must have been ripped! I think it’s gonna take someone asking me when the baby’s due to get my motivated again. Yes, I’ve been asked that twice about a decade ago. I wasn’t pregnant.

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