10 of My Favorite People of Walmart Pics


It’s no secret, I keep a pretty healthy board of Walmart Hot Messes on Pinterest. I encourage all of you to go and follow it right now if you have a Pinterest account. I think it’s my most popular board on Pinterest as I have close to 700 followers now for just that board.

I’ve written a few blog posts about my disdain for Walmart including:

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To celebrate the wonderment that is Walmart, I’d like to take a journey with you and take a look back on my top 10 favorite People of Walmart pics. There is no rhyme or reason, just know these pictures spoke to me. Oh hell, I can’t even keep a straight face saying that. These just made me laugh the most. Here they are in order…..

Top 10 People of Walmart Pictures

Picture 10

I respect her flexibility. Additionally, I loved how she paired her Any Hole sweatshirt with snowmen pajama bottoms. It’s the reason for the season.

any hole

Picture 9

It’s not just the people who sometimes makes us laugh. Obviously the person that put this up had an amazing sense of detail, not realizing the price savings was a shiny penny.

walmart sign















Picture 8

Now obviously we are dealing with a separation anxiety issue. Unfortunately this looks like an obese Sigourney Weaver with an alien, protruding from her stomach.

mom and kid at walmart

Picture 7

Did the dude have a wedgie and she was just helping him out? More importantly, why on God’s green Earth would someone embroidered West Palm Beach on the back of a plaid shirt?

















Picture 6

Now this is a man who knows what he wants. After beating his wife, combing back his mullet, and picking up a “date” in a shady part of town, does he simply point at his shirt as the hooker looks up at him?



Picture 5

I gotta hand it to her, she has a sense of humor. I love this shirt. It’s my Walmart Hot Messes board cover pic.


Picture 4

What in the world is happening here? Was this drug induced? Guess it was considering they’re at the pharmacy but still! If this came up to me, and as a law-abiding pharmacist, I would deny all medication other than cough drops. Like how is that piece of cloth still hanging on her boob? Also, wtf with her hair? Did she honestly get up, create this abomination and say, “damn I look good?”

















Picture 3

Is it just me or a large percentage of these pics taken near the pharmacy? Regardless, we’ve got another honest Abe here. Like Mullet Mason in picture 6, she just points at her ass and her significant other gets to work.


Picture 2

I absolutely love this woman’s face. OMG! That is the EXACT face I would have if I found that behind me. The humor of the picture isn’t even the train wreck. It’s the woman’s absolute disgust and I applaud her for that.

walmart 2

Picture 1

And my number 1, all time favorite, People of Walmart picture is this beauty. Now obviously the caption makes the meme but it’s 100% on par with my worst nightmare. Sure, I’ve taken pics at Walmart but I knew full-well this could potentially become a reality. I love how pissed she looks. Like, I’m going to fuck your shit up after I return this lightbulb.

walmart 3














So what did you guys think? For many, many more Walmart Hot Messes, be sure to head over to my Pinterest board and hit follow!


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