When Do These A$$ Holes Go Back to School?

back to school

Ok, obviously I don’t think my children are ass holes. I love them more than life itself. If anything, I use ass holes as a term of endearment.

All I’m saying is I cherish my evenings, to do as I wish which let’s be real, is blogging. This whole not going to school thing is completely ruining it. I keep looking over to my 13-year-old who is lying on the sofa. If this were January, he would have been fast asleep at this hour (10:30). Instead, he is bright-eyed and bushy-tail, watching The 100 while simultaneously, checking his phone for new texts.

Image result for baby groot getting angry

In our front room, my 9-year-old let’s out occasional grunts of frustration or squeals of anger with his Call of Duty or C.O.D game. I say squeals of anger because when you’re 9, your fits of frustration are more like when Baby Groot gets mad. It’s so adorable. This is the child that normally has an 8:30 bedtime.

At my grocery store, Kroger, I did see a glimmer of hope that this will all be over soon. There, in the holiday aisle was a back to school fixture. The beach and pool items had been pushed to 1 wall with a clearance sign added. This was to make way for all the incoming notebooks and pencils that would surely be offered next week.

‘There really is a God!’ I thought to myself, giggling like a school girl as I walked past with my shopping cart.

When the below commercial came out, I nearly flipped my lid at how funny it was and I didn’t even have kids yet. I don’t think I realized how old it was till just now. Look at the computers. I’m guessing this was made in the late 90’s, early 00’s? Regardless, it goes down as one of the best commercials ever made and holds true for not only parents but kids.

P.S. 41 days till the 9-year-old goes back to school. 42 days till the 13-year-old goes back to school.


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