You Think You’re Ready For the Title?


This is what my husband jokingly says to our 12, almost 13-year-old. “You think you’re ready for the title?” So then they wrestle until P taps out and moves on. Later, P wrestles the 9-year-old C, until C taps out and then both move on. Aside from envisioning the worst possible scenario such as someone’s neck snapping, I’d like to think its how brothers and fathers show love? If not, then we have some severe rivalry up in this house.

Only half jokingly over the past few weeks, P has commented he wants to try to wrestle me. As a toddler, I would wrestle him and it was a fun game, and a way to workout. Now that P and I are the same height, I knew I didn’t stand much of a chance and quiet frankly, I’ve always been too tired.

But then there is this thing called liquid courage. Yesterday, my children drove me to drink by 7. That’s pretty early for me as usually I don’t like to have a glass of wine(s) till closer to 9. P had been chattering non-stop about our upcoming trip to Los Angeles (that will probably be my next post) as well as our other trip to Florida to see my mom.

Round 1

“I don’t know P,” I said as I was on my knees on the sofa, edging my way off it. We have a sofa that is literally like a gigantic bed in the middle of the living room. “Let me put my wine down and we’ll go.”

“Seriously?” He asked chuckling and surprised.

“Yeah but I’ve had a glass of wine so I don’t know how good I’m going to be.”

He took his wrestling stance on the sofa as I stood before him. Then I lunged….getting him into a neck lock and pushing his face into a cushion.

“Mom 1, P 0!” My husband announced.

“Oh come on, you got the floor. The couch is flimsy,” he complained.

“Oh ok, well then let’s trade,” I said.

Round 2

I attacked again. This time, pushing his entire body down with one swift move and holding him down with my arms.

“Now how you gonna let your outta shape mom, who just beat you twice after a glass of wine, kick your butt again?” I asked breathlessly. He grinned up.

This was quite a workout. Between playing basketball with them for 15 minutes earlier and now this, I deemed it a good day, full of cardio. And for the record, it’s not like P is unfit or out of shape. He’s the perfect picture of athleticism. He has 2 practices a week for soccer right now and gym at school everyday. Occasionally, he even takes it upon himself to workout at home and has a few muscles to prove it. In the coming weeks, he’ll have 3 practices a week with 1-4 soccer games on the weekend.

Round 3

I was now out of breath and getting tired. Because I had won the first 2 rounds, he wanted a 3rd. This time he came at me like I had told him the winner would receive a PlayStation4.

And so I didn’t try very hard and he won, plain and simple. So in my mind, I still have the title and when he’s ready to attempt to claim it again, he knows where I live.

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