What I Found in My Sons’ Rooms

sons' rooms

As many of you know, my husband and I are kid free till tomorrow night. Our wild shenanigans have involved watching tv on the sofa, eating Chipotle on Valentine’s Day and pretending to forget, how to run the dishwasher…..

“Look at all the pretty buttons!” I exclaim in my best bimbo voice. “I hope this one gets the dishes clean,” I giggle, pressing the proper button.

But I Miss Them

I do miss them and I’m excited to see their happy little faces tomorrow, even if it is an 11 PM flight (Can’t wait to make that trip. At least I have to go to work the next day). They left their rooms an absolute nightmare, complete with unmade beds. I can’t stand getting into a unmade bed so I decided to make their bed for them and tidy up. After doing this, I was disgusted at the trash just left in each room. I can’t express enough to them how they need to remove all trash so we don’t get ants. I would like to list exactly what I found in each room.

The 9-Year-Old

  • A blown up Capri Sun. He drinks them then blows air into it to make it look full. Odd, I know.
  • The lid to a Pringles container. No Pringles in sight.
  • Milkshake from McDonald’s with some of the contents still left. I got them shakes on Tuesday. It’s Saturday and that’s gross.
  • A Cheetos bag, wide open that I had to throw away since the contents were probably stale.
  • A Happy Valentine’s Day card that originally had a sucker attached to it. Obviously that part of the greeting was gone.
  • Plastic bowl. This was probably for the Cheetos and to exercise portion control. He’ll usually use the bedspread as a napkin.
  • My husband’s Yeti water bottle.
  • White duct tape.
  • My iPad.

today spring GIF

The 12-Year-Old

  • Granola wrapper.
  • 4 water bottles, all at different levels.
  • 2 extra caps for water bottles.
  • An empty Sunkist can.
  • 2 wash cloths that were stiffer than a corpse, wedged between the bed and nightstand. Ignorance is bliss and I am going with the idea that he spilt some of his water bottle, used the wash cloths to clean it up then forgot to put them in his hamper. God that’s gross.

For the parents/caretakers out there, what is the craziest thing you have ever found in a child’s room?


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