Adult Acne, WTF?

Adult Acne

How am I using my son’s zit cream? I am forty-fucking-one and using zit cream. As a teen and a 20-something, I thought one of the few pluses of aging would be the zits going away. But like thinking maternity leave would be a vacation, it was all just a cruel joke. I have adult acne and it blows.

I know zero meth users and have never smoked a cigarette in my life but right now I feel like my skin is on par with a drug user. Like the ones where you see their mug shot at the beginning of their drug career then 8 years later, they look like a doped up senior citizen but really they are 25. Yeah, that’s my skin right now.

My most recent zits reminded me of the Hawaiian Islands though I’ve never been. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?












Occasionally, I get a zit ON a wrinkle. Why? Why??? So what do I treat? The zit? The wrinkle? How do I dry out a zit yet moisturizer the wrinkle? I guess I should have seen this coming as I didn’t know adult acne was a thing till…well….I was a seasoned adult. And I just thought of something, when I’m a senior citizen, will I have zits, wrinkles and age spots? OMG!

You can tell that I’m adjusting to this aging thing nicely. I should probably be in a straight jacket and padded room by the time I’m 55.


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