School Involvement Today Versus Yesterday- Part 1

School Involvemnet

Despite technology allowing us to stay more connected to our children’s school, I am lagging behind. For those of you with grown children or for those who don’t have children and grew up at least a decade ago, you are in for a special treat of what it’s like now. For those of you that are in the thick of things now….let’s be strong together. We will get through this, I think.



There would be 3 parties a year for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines day. I would bring home a slip with a list of party needs. My mom would circle spoons as her donation. The teacher would have to hope for the best and not end up with 500 spoons and 0 cookies. There was usually 1 mother helping out the day of the party and it was never my mom. Hell, I think we had parties without any mothers.


You are sent a link to Sign Up Genius to donate to the Harvest, Holiday or Valentine Party. Because I wait till my email reaches roughly 6,000 before cleaning it out, I am the last to sign up to donate. As I am being logged into the site I pray to God that spoons are still available to donate. Unfortunately, the only thing left to donate is Tuscan risotto or Creme Brulee.

The party is planned, staged and put on by over-zealous mothers who are a bit confused about Pinterest and incorporating it into the parties. Side note to these mothers: the more obnoxious the Pinterest craft is that you make does not make you a better mother. Just because you can fashion a quirky little kid with a capri sun and a rice crispie treat, doesn’t deem you mother of the year.

Communication From the Teacher


Occasionally if the teacher was feeling like going over and beyond, they would send home a witty little letter along with our report card, detailing everything the class had accomplished.


In addition to the class website, we are sent a newsletter every week. There is also an app called Class Dojo which the teacher posts pictures on and sends messages to us. For my middle-schooler, 1/2 of the teachers send updates via email as well as each principal has emails they send out. The school district is on Facebook and Twitter as well as the middle school having it’s own Facebook site. I have access as well as the boys to something called progress book online where I can check all of their assignments and grade though I haven’t been on it since last year because I can’t remember my log on and I must complete an obstacle course to obtain new credentials.



I remember a kid in the 4th grade getting paddled. I was mentally abused by my 3rd grade nun. Unless we received a detention, our behavior wasn’t really communicated to our parents till the report card. The ass hole teachers always felt the need to select a pre-generated “note” about your behavior that read something like:

Does not apply themselves

Disruptive in class

Sorry Mrs. Smith but no person with a soul and a will to live wants to apply themselves to Algebra.


The kids have a color code and based on behavior it goes something like this:

  • Purple- Saint
  • Green- Good
  • Blue- Meh
  • Yellow- Uh-oh
  • Orange- Screwed
  • Red- Run away

Every day my son brings home a paper showing the color they received and I have to initial it every single day. This works for most kids but it sounds like a few could care less about what color they get. I know this because my son has told me so.

My next entry we will discuss lunches, lock-down practices and field trips. If you guys have any suggestions, I am all ears!


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