Hot Mess Doesn’t Do Basketball


So when my work emails us and says there are free suite tickets for the OSU basketball game, I jump at it. Not because I love sports, I think many of you know my feelings about sports. It’s for my sons. It just so happens that no other co-workers could make the game today so I had 12 tickets for the suite and 3 VIP parking passes.

suite ticketsSo in tow, I had my 2 sons, my 12-year-old’s friend, my 2 friends, their sons, my sister and her boyfriend.


We drove into the parking lot and were being directed by militant parking nazis to go to a lot I knew wasn’t VIP. Like an ass hole, I roll down my window to address the situation.

“Hi, we have VIP parking,” I said, pointing to our mirror hanger.

“Ok, it’s over there,” he said pointing to a lot that was past the VIP lot.

“No, it’s right there,” I countered, pointing to the lot that was so close to the entrance you could spit.

“That’s for handicap only during construction.” He said, pointing to a plastic covered wall of the arena.

I rolled up my window and had a quiet melt down in my head.

‘Handicap? But we have VIP parking. That’s where we always park!’ That’s when I realized what an ass hole I was being and shut those thoughts down quickly.


We got into the suite and immediately looked at the menu. For the price of your 1st and 2nd born, you could order a bottle of wine. We realized we would have to mingle with the common folk and purchase individual glasses of wine at the snack stand. Before going back out, I opened the mini fridge to see if there was ice. By the grace of the wine Gods, there was an entire bottle of wine, unopened!

The moral dilemma began. Do we drink it? Who left this? Is this a test?

Bottoms up!


For those of you who are not familiar with our Ohio State Buckeye mascot, it’s Brutus. He’s adorable, fun-loving and kids flock to him. He is like the Pied Piper, leaving mesmerized children in his wake. When the boys found Brutus in the hallways, they came running into the suite demanding we find Brutus and hug him. We grabbed our purses and began running, barely keeping up with 3 8-year-olds on a mission. After 5 minutes of running, we found Brutus in someone’s suite and it absolutely killed the kids to have to wait 3 minutes for him to come out.

“Guys, we have him cornered. There is only 1 way for Brutus to come out and you’re in front of it.” NG told the boys. He eventually came out and it was like they were meeting Santa. Here is a video of Brutus right after walking into the hall to 3 very eager boys.

Brutus feeding the animals then turned into Brutus grabbing my son’s hand and skipping through the hallways, leaving children in his wake. My sister was just coming back from the other way. As she turned the corner, this is what she saw but from the front. She couldn’t stop laughing because only my youngest would be skipping through the arena, holding hands with Brutus, smiling a huge, toothy grin.

Basketball Quotes

This evening, I did not hold back on expressing how little I care about basketball though when I was curious, I did ask questions. Below are actual things I said this evening:

“If you guys want to seriously watch the game, let me know and I’ll shut up. I’m not concerned about what’s going on out there,” I said as I motioned to the basketball game that was happening.

“Are we winning?”

“Bucket? Is that what they call the points?”

“When are they going to give out free chicken fingers? They did that all the time at the hockey games.”

“What are those table thingys over in the corner?”

“How many quarters are there?”

It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. Here we are, doing the sport. I sport good.

The girls

The boys

Boys and me


*Sorry for the black-out. This is my sister and she has not conscented to me using her pic.



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