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Hot Mess Asks About Slang In England

So my last probably 8 audible books have been from an amazing indy author RR Haywood. I’ve listened to every one of his The Undead books. He even gave me permission to use his artwork to write a review of the series. Though I was hesitant and felt like a complete traitor, I decided to give his second series a try- Extracted. Oh my God! I love it just as much as The Undead!!

Now this isn’t another book review. Eventually, I would like to do that on down the line with Extracted. I just hope there are lots of books to come! Any who…..Haywood uses consistent slang that is not typical in America. So I either have questions or comments on the terms I’ve heard. And my apologies, I am not going to spell some of these words right but for entertainment purposes, I’m not going to look them up.

Sod Off: Does this mean fuck off? I hear it all the time. Is this something used around the entire country or specific areas?

Lot: It seems to be used when referring to a “group”. For example, “I don’t belong in this lot.” I think it means a group of people?

Twat: OMG, to me this word is used soooo much and must not be a big deal in England. In America, it’s really bad! Is it considered really bad in England?

Bollocks: Is this the same as saying “Balls!” I don’t know.

Fit: If you say a girl is fit, does that mean she is hot? If you used the word fit here in America, a girl would just think you are saying she is healthy.

Cross: This just cracks me up because it’s kinda’ the nerdy way of saying your pissed. I only say that because this word was always in my son’s overly priced Thomas the Train books.

Bloody: Is this the equivalent of fuck? I hear it a lot but it really has no frame of reference to me.

Cheers: Ok, so I’ve heard that you can say cheers to everything. Someone does something nice, you say “cheers!” Someone is leaving, you say “cheers”. You just had the best sex of your life, you say “cheers.”

What the hell is Lucasaide? Is it like Gatorade? They are always drinking it in my book.

Mobile: It’s funny because you guys say mobile, we say cell phone.

Ok, so that is all I could think of right now. I seriously want to know about this. I would love for those of you that know, to comment. Are there any slang words in America in which you are like WTF or want to make a comment?


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34 thoughts on “Hot Mess Asks About Slang In England

      1. Bexoxo’s English fella here. You actually have most of it spot on, so well done.

        Sod off is kinda like fuck off, but not quite as rude. Not that there’s a polite way to say fuck off, but you know what I mean.

        Lot can be used to refer to a group. As in “Hey you lot, sod off. Twats”. Twats really isn’t rude at all in England. I mean, it’s an insult but not a bad one. Is it that bad here in the States? That might explain a few things. I should stop saying it…

        Bollocks does mean balls. It’s also used to mean bullshit. If I was calling you out on lying I might just say “bollocks” to imply I don’t believe you. Also occasionally used as an insult, but mainly by the Irish. But don’t listen to them. That lot are a bunch of bollocks.

        Fit is hot and cross is angry.

        Bloody can be fuck, or really any expletive you want. Bloody hell, the bloody train is late again. I’m really bloody cross. Make sure to tut afterwards for maximum Englishness.

        Cheers is your basic response to everything. It loosely means Thank You, but it’s a bit more robust than that. Any time you might say “thanks” in any context, you can replace it with “cheers”.

        Lucozade: Not like Gatorade

        Since we’re on the subject, it cracks me up whenever someone says “fanny” to mean “butt”. To me fanny means vagina. I once saw a store called “Fanny wrappers”. I laughed for days.

        1. OMG! You are too much!!! Thank you for the explanations. In my mind, twat is very bad. Like cunt’s little sister. I don’t think I’ve ever used it but then again, I’ve never thought about it so maybe I should? Yeah, I really wouldn’t call anyone a twat here unless you are certain they can in no way kick your ass. As for the word fanny, that means vagina? OMG! That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Occasionally when I need to say vagina in my stories I say vajaja. Does this mean in England I would say Fanaynay?

  1. Yeah you got most of these spot on. 😀

    Sod Off: It’s like a less rude version of fuck off. My mum would say it, and she doesn’t swear.

    Lot: Yep, you got it. “Oi, you lot” would refer to the whole group

    Twat: Nah, twat isn’t too bad a word in the UK.

    Bollocks: It means the same as Balls, but it has other means too – you can use it when you’re annoyed “ah bollocks” Or if someone is telling a lie. “That’s bollocks” = “That’s a lie” OR “That is rubbish”

    Fit: Yep, it means she’s hot. I didn’t hear this for years though. I don’t think young people say it much now.

    Cross: Yep, this is how my mum would say she is pissed. Also, you know if someone says they are pissed, they probably mean they are drunk. We say pissed off for when we’re mad.

    Bloody: I use this the most! It’s another alternative for fuck, or you can add it for more emphasis eg. “bloody idiot” etc.

    Cheers: Yep, it mostly means thank you, but some people use it for a greeting too.

    Lucozade: It’s an energy drink that is bright orange and super sweet.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for this! This is amazing! I knew I mispelled Lucozade. Is it an energy drink? I’m going to have to find it and taste it. Do you like it? Also, pissed means mad but if I’ve had 8 glasses of wine, is it appropriate to say I’m pissed? That only means angry in America. Now we sometimes say “piss off” or you can say “he was piss poor”. That just add emphasis. Also, I might have to have a part 2 of this b/c I heard probably 3 words today in my story that we don’t use here. One of them was trolley for shopping carts. LOL!

      1. I have a whole list of things that I’ve said in Canada that people didn’t understand. 😀

        I’m not a massive fan of lucozade. I think it’s mostly Northern and Scottish folks that drink it.

  2. This cracked me up!! Lucazae is an energy drink like Gatorade. Lot is a group such as ‘a bad lot’ meaning bad influences. Bollocks are balls. Twat is a lady part. Cheers is a toast, a way to say bye and thanks. If you say cheers over sex though you might get a smack😀😀

    1. That last sentence made me laugh out loud and now I’m totally going to do that. For effect I may even hold up a glass of wine when I say it.

    1. You could totally get away with it at my work. Here, let me give you an example of Thursday’s conversation: Co-worker 1, “I need to do some calestenics or something!”. Co-worker 2, “I’m doing keagles right now.” See why I fit in so well at my work? Completely innappropriate. Sorry for all the mispellings I probably had.

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