Hot Mess Reviews Spam Comments- Part Deux


I don’t like having the “S” word anywhere in my blog, especially in my title. I’m fearful Google will think my site is the dreadful “S” and somehow block me. But when I get a new batch of spam comments, I simply must comment on them. I commented on an original batch, here. What I find funny about this batch is they all stem from my post about dealing with shoplifters yet the spammers claim to be educational sites.

comment 1

This is stupid and you are stupid. Stay in school and quit clogging my spam folder with this non-sense.

comment 2

Well Linda, this weekend isn’t going to work for me. And it’s not all about you…..Linda. What about my needs? I’ve got soccer, I have to clean my residence and I have to shop to so no, this weekend isn’t going to work for me. And I’m so glad you found my “piece” so wonderful about 2 baby momma’s fighting in an Express store. How could anyone not find that wonderfully informative?

comment 3

What the……I don’t even know where to begin. “Attractive component to content?” Are you drunk? Your like a babbling drunk who just goes on and on, refusing to shut up till they feel they’ve gotten their point across sufficiently. Tell you what Harold, go sleep it off then come back and read when you’ve sobered up. No one has time for your shenanigans.

comment 4

Well dept of edu, let’s stay on topic which is Hot Mess Deals With Shoplifters; not which platform is best. At least you make sense considering Harold up above, can’t string together a coherent sentence to save his life.

comment 5

At no point did I recommend anything in my post but you’re welcome.

comment 6

Are you friends with Harold, because right now, things are leaning that way. Just glad you will be exploring my web page repeatedly.

I mean, who are these spammers? More importantly, who clicks on these and thinks, ‘wow, I have a new fan!’ You know multiple people have, otherwise I wouldn’t have 10 spam comments in my unread folder. If I knew absolutely nothing would happen (i.e. virus) if I responded to these, I would have a field day with each and every one of them. Kind of like when I screwed around with the Craig’s List people. God that was fun. Now that I think about it, I really need to sell something else and find another dummy.


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