A Trip Down Memory Lane

memory lane

I thought it would be a fun post to share with you guys a few pics from my past and comment on all of them. I grew up in an Italian-American household so several of the pics are from those events. Enjoy!

Picture 1



This was I believe a birthday party held in honor of my grandfather. Several family members attended as well as many friends including Dick. Despite living in a small town, Dick always dressed as if we we were in Paris. He would always wear either a beret or a headband. To say Dick was eccentric was an understatement. I remember when I was I attended an Italian-American club picnic where we decided to play a game of volleyball. Half way through, Dick and his pink headband cups his hands around his mouth and yell-whispers,

“Do you smell poo-poo?”

I shook my head no.



Picture 2


This is when I graduated from college in 2002. I would later learn I had moderate to severe ADD, hence why it took a cool 6 years to get my bachelors degree. I hated college. As my college graduation gift, my husband bought me a long hair Chihuahua which I lovingly named Chichi Barbados. Fast-forward 15 years and I’m convinced that if there is a nuclear fall out, there will be 3 things left on the Earth: cockroaches, rats and Chichi. I am convinced shes a vampire dog and has a good 200 more years left.
















Picture 3

Halloween PicIf I had a 15-year-old daughter, she would NOT be trick or treating in this slutty vampire outfit. A+ for my parent’s choice to allow me out of the house in this. Notice my friends on each side are dressed in reasonable flannel/comfortable clothing. This was when Nirvana exploded on to the music scene and I too should have been sporting flannel. Not me though, I thought it was a good idea to wear fishnet hoisery, a black leotard and black gloves…..at 15.











Picture 4

Flaky the Clown

Growing up, this was perfectly normal to me but my sister’s first Godfather was a clown. Maybe that is why she went to prison. His name was Flaky the Clown.

“Do the quarter trick! Do the quarter trick!” I would plead when he came into my family’s restaurant. He also made the best balloon dogs!

Apparently my father found it completely acceptable to fire godfathers and hire new ones. At some point Flaky must have pissed him off so he fired him and my cousin was placed into the position. Had he known what he was getting into, I’m guessing he would have politely declined.


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