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closet cleaning

My oldest wants to make money, nah…he wants to do nothing and make money. He’s really starting to piss me off too. Here is the conversation we had last week:

“Mom I wanna make money to buy sweet shoes at Dick’s. What can I do?”

“Lemme thing…umm….oh, the downstairs closet needs cleaned out!”

“Ok, how much?”

“$5 dollars.”

“$5 dollars?” He scoffed, as if I said I would pay him in Sweet & Low sugar packets. This closet is the size of a coffin. You would have thought I asked him to clean out the closet at Vogue.

“Yeah, $5 dollars. You aren’t building an addition to the house.”

He continued to laugh an arrogant laugh, like he was too good to do such paltry work for a whole $5. I noted his laugh and found nothing funny about it.

“Look, this closet will take you 30 minutes, that’s like $10 an hour, more than minimum wage. That’s my price and if you don’t want to do it, fine.”

I was half tempted to leave it as a chore for him to do for free when the nanny came on Monday but forgot.

This was last week, just now my husband and I were discussing his attitude towards money when my 8-year-old chimed in.

“$5 dollars for the closet?”

“Yeah, you wanna earn some money?” I asked.

“Sure!” He responded and promptly got off his video game.

He’s not too proud to do it! He’s like fuck that shit. $5 dollars is $5 dollars. And so, 20 minutes in, he is almost done and will be $5 richer than his bro.

P.S. If you haven’t figured it out, the featured image is of my youngest makin’ those dollas’.


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