4 thoughts on “You Want a Sandwich? Go Ask Your Stupid Hero! Part 3/3

  1. I can completely relate as I stood at my sink washing the dishes for the 9,000 time of the day, and my 5 year-old daughter walks up to me, and taps me on the leg to get my attention. So I looked down at this tiny beautiful face signaling that I’m ready for her 10,000 request. She had been playing with the girls next door who’s parent’s were in the middle of a divorce. She says “Mom I love you, but if you and dad get a divorce I’m going with dad.” So I looked back down at her, and replied “Duly noted.” 😉 G-uno

    1. Okay I got mad just reading that last sentence because I could totally see that happening. That is ridiculous! They really do not know how good they have it or what we do for them. I challenge these children to have us go away for one week and see what life is really like without us.

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