Ohio Cancels School for 3 Weeks

Well guys it’s official. Ohio has canceled all public schools for 3 weeks starting next Tuesday. Why it doesn’t start Monday is beyond me. Again I’ll say it, in my 43 years, I never thought I would see something like this. Hell, on January 1st, we didn’t even know the coronavirus existed.

‘Surely they won’t cancel schools,’ I thought.

Oh you simple, simple woman……..

They canceled the schools. Originally, I thought my sons (age 11 and 14) would be fine on their own but then my gut started to talk to me. Especially knowing they are going to attempt school remotely I had visions of a “10-minute break” turning into a two-hour gaming fest in front of the x-box.

My Suspicions Were Confirmed

I came home tonight to a home that was buzzing with happiness. The boys were of course, feeding their faces in the kitchen, getting in their 3rd snack of the evening and their pre-meal appetizer. The oldest one broke into a dance, declaring it a three-week spring break. The youngest one declared he would be staying up all night, every night.

“Guys, you will be in school but at home,” I said as the oldest stopped his fist-pump mid-air. The youngest looked at me as if I had said we were going for family colonoscopies.

“Mom, I just get my stuff done then I can do whatever I want the rest of the day.”

“Well, I’m going to have to see what the district game plan is here. It’s going to be business as usual but at home.”

“MOM!” I heard with protests.

I Was Afraid of This

Legit, my sons think they’re gonna have a three-week break. And suddenly I’m the ass hole enforcing that they will have school work. Tell me, what did they think was gonna happen? That they were gonna go all Ferris Bueller’s day off on me and chill 24/7? No ass holes. Not only am I expecting you to wash your hands till they’re cracked but I need you to stay up to date on your studies.

This is going to be a shitty ass battle I’m going to have to have with them on a daily basis. I walked into a scene of complete jubilee and I shut that shit down within seconds. How are you guys doing? Are your kids home too?

P.S. The boys and I went over to Kroger to people-watch while grabbing a latte at Starbucks. Starbucks is being remodeled but I did manage to take these pics of the canned food aisle:

grocery store emptyempty canned aisle






















Hope ya’ll like French’s breaded onion straws because that’s all that’s left.


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