You Pay How Much For Your Skin Care?

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Let me preface this post that I am a fan of Liv Tyler. I think she’s a great actress and unless she’s fooling everyone, doesn’t seem bitchy. When I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts last week, Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai, he mentioned a YouTube video where Liv Tyler walks us through her daily 25 step beauty regime. Did I mention this was daily?

I thought it might be fun to break down how much Ms. Tyler is paying for a majority of these products. As she mentioned the name of the item, I would stop the video and Google each product. And now I have bruises on my thighs from falling off my chair more than once because of the cost. Thank you very much, L!

So how much do some of these things cost? I took the average I would find online, though, you may be able to find it cheaper. Now do yourself a favor and scatter pillows around your chair before you take a look at this list. You’re gonna need’em for when you fall off your chair as I did. Ok, here it goes:

The Cost of Liv Tyler’s 25 Beauty and Self-Care

  • Sarah Chapman Facial Cleanser $45
  • Astara Blue Flame Mask $42
  • Dr. Sturm Face Mask $120
  • CBD Lord Jones Royal Oil $100
  • Dr. Sturm Hyaluronic Serum $300
  • Sarah Chapman Facialift $48
  • Talika Eye Patches $29
  • Roden Oil $96
  • Avene Cream $35
  • Sisley Floral Mist $47
  • Glow Drops $50
  • Terry Foundation $58
  • Rodial Concealer $56
  • Decorte Eye Shadow $27
  • Clinique Mascara $19.50
  • Glossier Lipstick $18

The total cost of just what I found: $1090.50! Dude, that could totally cover a few applications of botox. Why not just inject the plague into your skin and be done with it? Full disclosure, if I were a lady of leisure, I would be so botoxed up that I would probably bring back the black death to modern society. But that’s just me.

Well, grab your Hermes scrunchie because I think a good future post might be to lay out all the products I use and add up the costs. But what do you think of the exorbitant products above? Is it worth it? Would you spend that dough if you had that much money? What is the most expensive beauty product you own?


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