Funny Amazon Reviews

amazon reviews

Isn’t it amazing what you can buy on Amazon these days? Anything from a vacuum filter to a wedding gown can be purchased. But along with the range of things that can be bought come some amazing Amazon reviews. Below, I’ve selected some of my favorites! Enjoy!

The Wolf Shirt

wolf shirt

Comment 1
wolf comment

Comment 2

wolf comment 2

I fully recognize this may be a sarcastic comment but God it’s pretty funny! I think I read it twice just for shits and giggles.

Gold Grill

gold grill

Comment 1
grill comment 1




First of all, why are we buying a gold grill for our son? This item is not functional nor esthetically pleasing to anyone in the world. I’d hate to see what this kid’s Christmas’s looked like.

Comment 2
grill comment 2

I’m sorry that it ruined this gentleman’s pot. I’m sure at the end of the day, he was smoking the gold coating on the grill and that probably wasn’t the healthiest for his lungs.



Comment 1
bad breath review

Go Girl Female Urination Device

If first you don’t succeed in killing yourself with your bad breath spray, try, try again! Right? I think I read this twice, amazed at the user’s stupidity yet awestruck at their determination.

go girl item

Comment 1

go girl

Robust stream? Truth be told, when I’ve really had to go, I’ve looked down and thought, ‘damn, I’m like Austin Powers here.’ But I’ve never thought “robust stream”. The only time I use robust is to discuss wine or my appetite.

So here’s my question for this reviewer: where the fuck are you that you not only have used a previous brand but purchased back-ups? You know how to pee right? You can use a toilet as it’s 2019 or if you’re in the middle of nowhere you can certainly squat and pee. It’s not an obligation to use one of these devices. The only thing I can think of at this point is if you have joined a strange cult where peeing naturally is frowned upon.

Cigarette Rolling Paper

cigarette paper

Comment 1

hot garbage

He had me at “hot garbage”. I really think this dude should be a writer as to describe a smell as last months’ soup in the fridge is amazing. I also appreciate that he declared colonoscopy prep to taste better than this. I’ve had a colonoscopy and yes, the liquid is something that should be used to torture terrorists. If I were in the market to purchase cigarette rolling papers, I would avoid this product like the plague thanks to this person’s fine, forensic description.

I love doing these but I don’t like doing too many at a time as we need to space the love out! I hope to do at least one of these posts each month! Have you ever come across silly reviews? Feel free to post them in the comments!







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