Horrible Amazon Products & Reviews

Horrible Amazon Products

I love to blog, you guys know that. Over the past few months I’ve been dipping my toe into the world of vlogging. And I freakin’ love it! What I don’t love is my computer crashing every God damn second because it’s not made for video editing. Like the last video, I probably did this entire thing twice then about an hour ago, I was in the process of uploading it to YouTube….and my computer just turned off…..and I hadn’t hit save in like an hour.

In an effort to avoid ending my computer by slamming it down on the ground (this scenario played in my head twice), I quietly walked upstairs and washed my face. As I discovered new zits, new wrinkles and new zits on wrinkles, I contemplated if I could go back and do everything I’ve been doing for the past hour, because my idiot ass didn’t hit the save button.

There really is a God

There really is a God because somehow, everything was saved after turning my laptop on and off 4 times in an attempt to get it to work. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but I was lucky. Unfortunately, until I have the money saved for a proper laptop that can handle video editing, this may end up being my last video for a while. This machine just can’t handle it.

Amazon Prime Day

In celebration of Amazon Prime Day (or the lack there of), I thought we could discover together not only the ridiculous things being sold on Amazon but the idiots who buy them. Comments should never include phrases such as “worst yeast infection” or “tight like a virgin” but the ones in this video do. So sit back, relax and let’s look at horrible products and reviews on Amazon!

This video is dedicated to my friend NC. Without her, I would have had to put my pants back on this evening, gone out and picked my children up from soccer practice and this would not have been finished this evening. So thank you, for allowing me to go pants off and edit! #takeyopantsoff


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