When Your Child Stiffs a Server

stiffs a server

I am very sensitive to the treatment of anyone that works in the food and beverage industry. Waitressing is one hell of a tough job. Not only is it strenuous, it’s emotionally exhausting, especially when you deal with ass holes.

So why am I bringing this up?

A few weeks ago my son was invited out to breakfast with all of his teammates. That evening when I got home from work, he told me how good the food was as well as how fast it was.

“How much did you tip her?” I asked him.

“There wasn’t an option to tip,” he responded.

“Oh, the team paid for everything?”

“No, there wasn’t an option to tip her,” he repeated.

“No option to tip her? You take out 15%-20% of your money and lay it on the table based on quality of service,” I said, growing frustrated. “Oh my God, this is horrible,” I said.

“I shouldn’t of even told you,” he grumbled.

“Dude, this is how people make a living. I’m glad you told me.”

The more I thought about it the angrier I became. We’ve gone out to eat countless times and tipped every time. There’s been times we would ask them what 20% of the bill was just for practice. Like wiping your ass, we figured this was a no-brainer. I immediately text my friend who’s son is on my son’s team and told her about this. Five minutes, we come to find out he didn’t tip either.

This is when I called the restaurant and inquired about the waitress and their bill. And this is where it gets really good. Not only was there 19 of them but the bills totaled over $200 and their combined tip was $19. OH..MY…GOD! But it gets better…….

“So when can I come in and give her a proper tip?” I asked the manager on the phone.

“Um, Ali is pregnant so she’s picking up extra shifts so she’ll be here again on Tuesday.”

“Pregnant?” I asked, even more ashamed. “How far along is she?”

“Six months,” she said.

So not only did they tip a waitress short about $35 of what they needed to tip her but they shorted a pregnant waitress.

The Waitress

The next day my son had a game and while in the stands, I told another family what had happened. They were now worried their son stiffed the waitress too so they gave me $10 to give to her.

The next evening I headed straight to the restaurant. Cheap-ass me was planning on giving her just a $5. After all, my son’s meal was only $10 so that would be a 50% tip. When she began to walk up, I immediately added another $5. She couldn’t be more than 20 and was absolutely pregnant. She had long blonde hair and glasses. I felt sorry for her. It’s hard enough waitressing not pregnant. I can’t imagine waitressing while pregnant. In my mind, the extra $5 meant more to her than it would me.

Moral of the Story

So what’s the moral of the story? Just because you have a smart kid, it doesn’t mean they are smart when it comes to social graces/common sense. I thought they had seen me enough times lay down a tip and know. Now that he’s been warned, I swear to God if this happens again, heads will roll.



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