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As I mentioned in my last post Mad Libs- Cop Edition, my car was broken into. But it’s not just my car. Early Monday morning, these idiots hit about 15-20 other cars in my neighborhood. As a community, we ban together and talk, using social media to bridge each neighborhood. I posted on one of the community pages, attempting to take inventory. It turns out, at least 7 neighborhoods have been hit just this month and the break-ins happen between 3-5 a.m. Thanks to a few neighbors’ video surveillance, we have the thieves on video. It’s 2 males, race unidentified but you can tell they’re probably in their late to early twenties by their build and choice of clothing.

thief 1

BTW, yes these 2 Einsteins did indeed check the same exact car…within seconds of each other.

thief 2


The majority of the loses were just spare change and ransacked cars. In fact, both my husband’s and my car were a disaster. I had my POD in his car and I was absolutely going to lose my shit if they took that. They didn’t, otherwise, I would come at them like a spida’ monkey. One neighbor did have their government laptop stolen while many things were strewn all over the grass that the thieves must have deemed of no value. Case in point:

lunch box

The Community Comments

What I’ve enjoyed reading how many of my neighbors intend to handle future thieves. Now honestly, I don’t believe these people would actually shoot them but I do believe they would be held at gunpoint till the police arrived. And honestly, these kids are better off getting money by working at McDonald’s or something because what if I’m wrong? What if they are caught and shot on-site? I’ve screenshot them for your reading enjoyment!
goign through cars





car safety











Then this happened Thursday:

Shoot out


So yeah, between the break-ins and this happening Thursday, I kinda feel like it’s the wild west, circa 1880. What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you take the comments above seriously?




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