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Can you guys explain to me why I haven’t created an adult mad lib in almost 2 years? It’s my #2 blog post this quarter and #3 for a year and why on earth haven’t I created another one? Well, we’re obviously fixing that right now. Inspired by our cars being broken into Monday morning (that’s for another blog post), I present to you Mad Libs- Cops Edition!

Adult Mad Lib- Cops Edition

It’s 2:33 a.m. on the streets of (your city). Officer (type of dance) and Officer (vegetable) just started their nightly patrolling when this call comes in:

“Yeah, we have two females pulled over with possible ties to (a hobby). Requesting backup to search their (type of transportation).”

“On our way (term of endearment for a man),” Officer (type of dance) says into his (device used for communication).

The two officers arrive to find the two women sitting on the (noun) while one officer shines a (source of illumination) in their eyes. One woman is wearing a(n) (animal) sweater, while the other’s wearing a (type of dress) dress.

“Ladies, we’re gonna search your (type of transportation) now. Is there anything you should tell us beforehand?”

Both women shake their heads no. Officer (vegetable), with his (adjective) gloves, opens up the passenger side door, then the glove compartment. After rummaging through for a few seconds, he pulls out a little baggie of (piece to hobby mentioned above).

“That ain’t mine!” The woman in the (animal) sweater announces, “I don’t know where that came from!”

“I neva’ seen that before in my life,” the woman in the (type of dress) dress reiterates. The officers (verb) and moves on.

As the cops continue to inspect the (type of transportation), they zero in on the backseat where they find bags from (a store). Carefully, Officer (type of dance) pulls the bags out and looks in them.

“If you don’t know what was in your glove compartment, perhaps you can explain why these bags have massive amounts of (larger pieces that go with the hobby above).

“We’re innocent!” The first woman whines. “We went out to (a chain restaurant) and had too many (adult beverage). We then decided to go to (department store) because they were offering (department store) cash and we can’t refuse (department store). I even got some (department store) cash in my bra strap!”

Just as the officers look at each other in disgust, the second woman jumps up and makes a run for it! She’s struggling with (verb) as she’s already been hand-cuffed.

“You’ll never catch me! All I ever wanted to do was (craft as a verb)! I’ll die before I stop (craft as a verb),” she yells but before she could get the last word out, she trips over a (noun) and falls headfirst to the ground.

And that my friends, is my attempt at adult mad libs. I do hope you liked it! Here’s the printable copy! mad libs

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