Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts- A Hot Mess Gift Giving Guide

Amazing Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s day 2019 is on May 12th. There are 2 days in the entire year I get to sleep in and it’s my birthday and Mother’s day. Thanks to a group of ass holes with mommy issues, I won’t be sleeping in on Mother’s day. Why? Because said group of ass hole arranged a soccer tournament on Mother’s day… 8:00 a.m……..90 miles away. Are you kidding me?

That being said, I want all the good moms of the world to have an amazing day and showered with the best mother’s day gifts. Now, all of the items I recommend below are things I’d personally buy myself and are fabulous in my book. Some I even own and stand behind 100%. My mother’s day gift guide is a practical guide by the way. So sick of gift giving guides that feature shit that’s like $500+. Yeah, that’s not the real world.

under the weather podThe Sports Mom

As many of you know I bought an Under the Weather Pod and used it over the weekend. I absolutely love it and was such an amazing thing to have Saturday when the rain was pouring. Though you can choose from a billion colors on the brand’s website, if you’re on a budget, Wal-Mart has blue ones for just $68.88.

You can unzip 3 out of 4 sides to allow for ventilation but also the back has a little area you can unzip too. When its freezing out, it’s 35 degrees warmer inside. It also protects you from the sun at 50 SPF!

It pops up in about 30 seconds and though I was intimidated with putting it down, I’m getting faster at it. I’d say I’m at about 5 minutes with putting it down.



The Sarcastic Mom

I am absolutely in love with a website called I even decided to join their affiliate program so full disclosure, I do earn a percent if you buy from this site, using my link. Regardless, here is what I’ve bought from them so far:

Here are some more super fun ideas from Snark City:

Half page nail fileHalf page tote bag

Medium rectangle waterbottlesMedium rectangle tee

American MammaR.Riveter

I really, really, really want a R. Riveter handbag. I fell in love with not only the brand but the story behind it. As military spouses, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse realized trying to find decent employment can be a struggle. Having to move every few years and sometimes to remote areas, they realized the struggle and the sacrifices military spouses make. This is when R. Riveter was born! These sumptuous handbags are made all over America by Riveters (military spouses that sew your handbag!) then shipped to the company in North Carolina to be assembled. This gives military spouses all over the world the opportunity to not only work, but continue to work when duty calls. The wallet featured to the right is just $85! A handmade leather wallet for just $85? Um, yes please!

mothers dayFor Any Mother

I love the simplicity and sentiment of this jewelry plate. It caught my eye and I knew I had to include it. Just think, every day she goes to put her jewelry on, she thinks of you! And for just $16.99, you are saying a lot for so little!




The Techy Momsmart ring

Blinq Ring– This one’s a little pricer but soooo cool and damn it, I want one! It’s a ring that syncs up to your phone and notifies you via vibration and flashing LED notifications. Set it to notify you about only the things that matter most to you and stop looking at your phone so much! These beautiful rings have an S.O.S feature noting your location should you find yourself in trouble. For fitness, it tracks your steps, calories burned and total distance. This ring is the epitome of fusing tech and fashion!



mamaHomemade Mama

Who doesn’t love Etsy? Can we just be honest here? I found this adorable necklace by Grace Personalized. When I saw this, I knew it would look beautiful on any neck of a mother! It has that elegant simplicity and I’d wear it in a heartbeat!

And if you’re looking for other simple pieces, Grace Personalized has a ton of other affordable options, most under $50!




The Chip and Joanna, Fixer Upper Lovin’ MomMagnolia Journal

Do these two ever sleep? Chip and Joanna Gaines, I mean. Now they have a quarterly publication? Give mom a gift that gives throughout the year with an annual subscription to the Magnolia Journal! If the magazine is anything like the show and these darlings, we can be assured mom will be inspired with beautiful decorating ideas!

I hope you guys liked my curated list of Mother’s day gifts! Whatever you do decide to get mom, I’m sure it will be fabulous! Now it’s your turn! In the comments below, let me know what you’re getting mom for Mother’s Day!


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