Top 100 Humor Bloggers

Top 100 Humor Blogger

Hi guys! I have some amazing news I want to share with all of you that totally made my day. My blog was evaluated by a panelist on and I’m pleased to say, I’ve been placed within a wonderful group of bloggers as a top 100 humor blog on the internet! I’m very proud of myself and I get to show off my shiny medal on the right side of my blog post. It links to the top 100 bloggers list. I encourage you to visit this page if you want a bunch of laughs! That being said, here is a short funny story from today…..


I have whats known as a flexible spending account credit card. I checked today to find we haven’t even used half of it and the years almost over. This equates to just over 2k! If I have anyone reading this and your country doesn’t have a FSA or it’s called something different, here’s your tutorial. A FSA is a pot of money that’s set aside for medical reasons, per employee. Normally, if you insure a family, your FSA is going to be much larger than the single person. Each FSA is different. Some FSA’s cover all costs from the co-pay incurred by a medical visit to prescriptions to over-the-counter drugs. Some FSA’s (like mine) only include prescriptions and medical visits, that is, until I found a FSA approved product website.

While checking our balance, there was an ad that kept popping up about a FSA website of FSA approved items that could be purchased with my card. I clicked on it and nearly fell off my chair. There were neck pillows, foot cushions, personal humidifier, acne treatments, sunblock and space-aged nausea wrist bands that looked like smart watches. There were all these high-tech medical things, some in the hundreds of dollars and first aid kits that rivaled a 3rd world country’s hospital offerings.

Shopping Spree

“Medical equipment for everyone this Christmas!” I exclaimed at work, feeling as if I was about to embark on the best shopping spree of my life. By now, a few co-workers were surrounding my computer. They had no idea about this nugget. One co-worker vowed to stock up on assorted condoms.

I began to put stuff in my basket when I had a change of heart. I had visions of (God forbid) telling my sons we couldn’t get the treatment they needed because mommy had spent it all on neck pillows and a vibrating glove (that’s actually a thing on the website).

“Cancer treatment?” Sorry, I bought 4 acne masks and a cane for my Halloween costume. Going as a pimp that walks with a limp. Just kidding, I’m really not going as a pimp but do you catch my drift here?

So I’m going to look at what we need and probably on like December 30th, place a huge order of everything we could possibly use next year. That way, we only risk going 1 day without the FSA safety net.

So tell Santa what you want! Condoms? Polident? Bandages? It’s all yours if you’ve been good this year!



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