My Neighborhood is Turning into Mad Max

When it comes to my neighborhood, I’m really torn on if the HOA (Home Owners Association) is doing everything they can do to enforce rules. I don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Perhaps they are working on this stuff and I just don’t. So let’s do this, I’m going to give you guys a few examples and I want to know if you think they are doing a good job.

Where is this coming from Hot Mess? Why the concern?

The shit hit the fan yesterday when someone decided to add this piece of fine artwork to the front of their home:


F*** the HOA

Now what you can’t see and what took 2 drive-byes, is the owner decided to compliment the painted sheet with some artwork on the front door. Behind their clear storm door, is a piece of plywood that also reads F*** the HOA. Obviously they are unhappy with the current office.

Our Indiscretion

Last week, we received a letter from our HOA because we leave our trash can out in front of our garage. I’ll admit it’s not the best option but to put it in the garage makes it stink and we don’t know how to build one of those fancy side of the house things to conceal it. And quiet honestly I wouldn’t want to as I would be concerned I’d run into a snake all the time. This letter was ridiculous. Instead of saying, “you leave your trash can out”, they added a color picture of our trash can sitting outside in the letter. I would have no problem with this slap on the hand if other deed restrictions were enforced, including:

Trump Truck

This fine automobile often times graces the entryway of our development:

Trump Train


When the above abomination isn’t around, it’s replaced with this small, dumpy boat that’s been sitting for weeks. I know it’s been there for weeks because there are weeds growing around it.


Uncle Eddie’s RV

Though it’s not there permanently, someone bought what I like to refer to as an Uncle Eddie RV and placed it on the side of the road to “work on”. To get around it, I have to swerve over because it’s so huge. There are periods of time it’s there for more than 1 day and it’s so embarrassing for when I have guests over.


There is speculation that rentals aren’t even allowed in our neighborhood yet I know of 5 off the top of my head. The one that comes to mind is on my street and it drives me bat shit crazy as they let their yard grow out of control. Look, everyone has the right to own or rent a home. But with that comes the responsibility of the upkeep. If you can’t commit to the financial part or the time, don’t rent a home. That’s what apartments and condos are for. There was a house in my neighborhood that got so bad, it was on the news. I tried to find the report for you guys and couldn’t.

Corn Growing

No joke, we have neighbors growing corn… their front yard. WTAF? Obviously no one thought to put that in the restrictions because at no point did anyone think someone would be WT enough to grow corn in their front yard!

So what do you think? Was the sign in the first pic appropriate? Do you have an HOA? Are you happy with them?


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