I Feel Pretty- Movie Review

So, I just finished watching I Feel Pretty and while IMDB gave it a rating of 5.1/10 and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 33%, I prefer to give it a Hot Mess rating of 78% out of 100. If you’re a man reading this, it’s cool if you give it a rating of .00074. I totally get it. It’s on par with watching Steel Magnolias.

Amy Schumer and I Go Way Back

Ok, we totally don’t go way back but I’d like to discuss our first interaction. For my husband’s and mine 10-year-anniversary, I thought I would surprise him with tickets to Amy Schumer, who was coming to Columbus. I was so fuckin’ excited and even got us in the second row!

Chris’s next move was to drink an over abundance of alcohol then declare that Amy was talking directly to him. He stood up on many different punch lines, pointing directly to himself thinking,

“you totally get me!”

“that’s exactly me!”

I was annoyed then but now it’s just a funny story to tell. My guess is Chris doesn’t even remember doing it.

Amy Schumer is Us!

Mila KunisYou know why I couldn’t stand Bad Moms? Because it was so horribly contrived and unbelievable. When humor is contrived, you absolutely lose me. I don’t know if I look at humor differently or what. I hated the movie so much that I wrote a post on it called My 1/10th Review of Bad Moms 2. I couldn’t even finish the movie it was that bad. The main character was the gorgeous Mila Kunis so right there, 90% of us facing weight, acne and self-esteem problems couldn’t relate.

Now, bring in Amy Schumer and there’s someone we can relate to. She has a muffin top.Amy Schuemer Her chin count is more than one. Amy’s character Renee struggles with beauty how-tos in the movie. My existing beauty struggle is making my hooded eyes not look like that of a hound dog.

The humor comes in to play when after suffering a head injury (from a spin class I might add) she gets more self-confidence then our world deems appropriate for someone who looks like her. For example, she enters a bikini contest and has absolutely no inhibitions dancing with a flabby stomach and average boobs.

With Renee’s new confidence, she mistakes several interactions for people ogling over her beauty. For instance, while waiting for her dry cleaning, she mentions to the gentleman behind her that even though everyone is to take a number, the dry cleaners never call them in order. He then asks her what her number is. She pauses, looks to the sky and quietly says, “so this is how it happens.” Instead of telling him her position in line, she gives him her phone number.

I’m not going to tell you guys anymore because I don’t want to spoil it. You can now rent it for just $4.99 on Amazon along with many other ways to watch. This is definitely a girls night win! So grab your BFF’s, a bottle of wine and get ready to laugh your asses off!





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