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Cheat Sheet for Megabytes, Gigabytes, Etc.

When I walk into a Best Buy and one of the techy nerds is rattling off how many megabytes or gigabytes a computer has, here is what I here: Wha wha wha wha (go ahead, click on the link for the audible effect!). I would understand you better if you spoke Polish and I don’t even know how to say hi in that language.

Unlike the wives of long ago that would allow such “non-sense” to fall on the husband, I decided to crack open Google and teach myself. Now obviously I’ll have to keep this cheat sheet nearby, especially when researching computers (more on that after the info you came here for!); but here is how the whole Megabyte and Gigabyte works:

0 or 1 = a bit

8 bits = a byte

1000 (or 1024; and I have no idea what the 1024 is for yet) bytes = a Kilobyte

1000 KB = a Megabyte

1000 MB = a Gigabyte

1000 GB = a Terabyte

1000 TB = a Petabyte

Researching Computers

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m attempting to use video editing software on a laptop not designed for video editing. After 4 years, I’ve decided to get a new computer but one that is powerful enough to handle video editing for vlogging, as well as all the alterations I do on images. I mean, let’s be real, we gotta do more pictures like the ones I posted in my Purple Teeth Club post:

the view

For a bit I toyed with the idea of getting a desk top computer and keeping this laptop. The desk top would be for video editing. I’ve decided against it because I blog anytime I get the chance. Often times those chances are at the boys’ soccer practices, in other cities for tournaments or on a lunch break. Why sacrifice portability if I don’t need to? The 2 laptops that show up consistently as the best for video editing are as follows:

Microsoft Surface Book 2


Dell XPS

I really, really want the first one. I love that it detaches to become a tablet and you can use a pen to draw on it. Here’s the drawback, it’s like $1500 to $2000. Last night I was like, ‘no worries! I’ll trade in my existing laptop to put towards the Surface.’ I went on Best Buy to see how much the laptop is worth. I was feeling super confident because it seemed like my laptop wasn’t that bad with regards to technology, bells and whistles. Surely it will spit out an estimate of $200.

Would you like to know what Best Buy was willing to offer? It’s one of those scenarios where all you can do is laugh when it happens. Drum roll please…….


That’s adorable.


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11 thoughts on “Cheat Sheet for Megabytes, Gigabytes, Etc.

  1. You’re entering into the hard digital world… You forgot the nibble which is 4 bits but I’ll let you off as it’s not really used or well known about.

    The 1024 is a converted binary number 11. Binary is a code of 1’s and 0’s in groups of 4, 8, 12, etc…
    It goes like this:
    1 = 1
    1 = 2
    1 = 4
    1 = 8
    1 = 16
    1 = 32
    1 = 64
    1 = 128
    1 = 256
    1 = 512
    1 = 1024

    As for the laptops… It’s hard to say what’s best. Go for something where the memory is expandable if necessary.

      1. That’s a pleasure, happy to help you. How will you take this further?
        Binary is a language used in digital electronics to relay data. I can’t think of any modern electronics that doesn’t use it. All the Netflix your watch come over as a huge amount of 1’s and 0’s

  2. I will say Fella has a Surface and he mostly enjoys it, but because of the detachable quality, it doesn’t sit up-right like a normal laptop. You have to prop it up on a flat surface in order to use it like a laptop; you can’t just use it on your lap…. well, I mean you can. It’s just very difficult. And he’s lost that damn pen countless times. He still doesn’t know where it is currently.

    1. Seriously? The not sitting up is almost a deal breaker for me since I find myself typing in the car during soccer practice. WTF? Now does fella have the book 2? The only reason I ask is maybe Microsoft listened and is improving upon it?

      1. It’s the first version, but he said the second has the same build. He also said he doesn’t think it’s worth the money and he didn’t even buy it! It’s his work device. He says you can find a cheaper one better suited for your needs.

        1. Wait a minute…the first and second are pretty much the same? That would save me a TON I think. If he can recommend any for video editing, can you pls send me a message via Facebook? I’m trying to edit right now and again, everything shutting down.

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