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My friend NC and I had planned a Cricut day for 2 weeks. What’s a Cricut? It’s the machine I was obsessed with this spring, realized how much time it took and for the past 6 months it has collected dust in my front room. You can read the link I posted above about my lust for the machine. If you don’t want to read, it’s a machine that cuts like over 100 materials. I’ve mainly used it to cut vinyl and make cute coffee cups and wine glasses.


To prepare for cricut day, I headed to the dollar store. I wiped them out of 9 wine glasses, 4 coffee mugs, 4 glass trivets and 3 head massagers. Out of the 4 lanes, 1 was open and I had a combined total of 17 glass pieces that needed wrapped. I could see the disgust in the sales associate’s eyes as I began to sheepishly load the conveyor belt. I looked behind me at the 2 people in line.

“Sorry,” I mouthed to them. “Can we get another lane open or something?” I asked the sales woman.

“Nope. On break for ‘nother 20 minutes.”

Well now I felt like the ass hole. I did until just to spite me, the sales woman presses the ON button of the conveyor belt and like the chocolate conveyor belt of I Love Lucy, all 17 pieces begin to bunch up, threatening to pour over into a sack.

I looked at her like she had just slapped me.

“Sorry.” She mouthed.


It was about noon when crafting was in full swing. We opted for 5 Guys take out and to say it was magical was an understatement. At NC’s house, I unwrapped all 17 glass pieces, confident that within that afternoon, each one would be adorned with a witty or meaningful quote, ready to be gifted to a loved one.

We cranked out a combined total of 1 gift.

Now in all fairness, I hadn’t used the machine in 6 months so I had to crash-course it, quickly bringing myself up to speed. Also, before creating her daughter’s lovely canister gift, she showed me an image on her phone of a wine glass she wanted to do for herself. I instantly fell in love with it and vowed to make one for myself. Because she too has the mind-set of a 12-year-old school boy, here was the wine glass she created……

Santas Favorite

Now, she is an amazing photographer on the side, hence the wine glass glamour shot. I’m jealous!

When I returned home, I vowed to complete at least one gift. I didn’t complete just one but 3 of the following:

gangster wrapper

So if you like our glasses, we can make and sell them to you for the bargain basement price of $7 + shipping. Have a certain design in mind? Let me know and I’m sure we can make it! Next project? I’ve decided to make this shirt for myself:

Snack Bitch




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