I Want A Cricut!


When I first came across the Cricut machine at Jo Ann’s I blew it off as some contraption only used by women obsessed with scrap booking. I would rather sit through an 8 hour church binge at a Catholic church then scrapbook. Every time I passed the cage housing the Cricuts like IPads, I would roll my eyes.

Then this mom kept coming to games with these adorable shirts completely personalized. Her shirt dealer (as I am calling this person) was making shirts with her last name and her kid’s number. Then she made this little number for me and it was all down hill from there….

wine glass

“What is she making all this on?” I asked the mom who has been getting the loot.

“A Cricut.”

“Shut up!”

“No, seriously!” She responded.

So people…..I need one of these. I absolutely NEED ONE OF THESE! Like a child I began to do the math to decide which holiday was closest where I could ask for it.

“MOTHER’S DAY!” I yelled in the shower. “I’ll ask for it for Mother’s day!”

The Think Tank

If you listen to me in the shower, it’s like there is someone in there with me. I have conversations with myself, figuring things out. I call the shower my “think tank” as I get a huge amount of ideas in there…..and also on the toilet. Once, I researched this surge of ideas and it turns out, it’s actually a real thing. Apparently your body releases endorphins, causing you to be relaxed, thus opening the floodgates of ideas. Try it sometime!

I love funny shirts. I can’t imagine all the shirts I could make or all the shit I could personalize. Do you realize what I could do with this thing? I could personalize my tampons or slap a cute design on our pillows.

So if Cricut is out there and they want me to do a full review of their Cricut Air 2 (turquoise color, with all the accessories), Hot Mess style, I am down for that. Please message me immediately! šŸ˜‰




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