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The Deals I Got On Black Friday

When I ask most Americans if they’ll be shopping on Black Friday, I get a “hell no” as a response. Yet when I go out, there are lines formed all around the huge Best Buy (that’s the leader in electronics here in the states) store. There are even a few tents as people have been camping out, no joke.

“What do they do with the tents mom?” My son asks.

“You know, I’ve always wondered that too. I guess they leave them?” I respond.

Now granted, some of these deals I can find online but some I cannot. Some are in store only. So below, I would like to present to you my fab finds. Some you could get online, some you could not.

NorthfaceJacketBest Find- Children’s North Face Jacket- $100

$100 normally, but at the outlet mall about 30 minutes away, I scored it for just $60 as the kid’s jackets were 40% off. This is the coat my 8-year-old really wanted but I was prepared to tell him it was unaffordable. But as a last-ditch effort, I hit up Tanger outlets and could have kissed everyone in the store.






Amazon EchoAmazon Echo $100

I’ve written before that I am a huge fan of the Echo Dot and it was only $30 on Black Friday, normally $50. The big sister of the Echo Dot is pictured to the left and is what my sister asked for, along with her boyfriend for a combination gift. Right now these are still on sale for $80. I bought mine on Target and used my red card to save another 5% so the final total was $76.





Fifa 18FIFA18 $60

All the popular video games go on sale on Black Friday and are usually half off. Now Battle Front is being an ass hole as they are holding out and refuse to discount any lower than the full price of $60. I was sure I’d find it somewhere but eventually I came to accept it wouldn’t so my son bought it. Anyway, I scored FIFA 18 for $30.






Adidas BlackAdidas Long Sleeve Shirt $60

My son purchased this himself with his hard-earned baby-sitting money. Dick’s Sporting Goods had a coupon for $15 off a purchase of $59.99 or lower so he bought it for $45.







Galaxy Note 8Note 8

And lastly, a personal score for me. I normally pay $239 a month for my son’s 6S and my 6Plus Iphones, unlimited data, talk and text. A little over a year ago, when I went to upgrade from my Note 5 to the Note 6, these little ass holes began to blow up and catch fire. Given my love for the Note, I was prepared to take the change and upgrade. This did not happen as they pulled all Notes already. The only thing left that was comparable was the IPhone 6Plus.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I love the Note a million times more than the IPhone so I was over the moon when they announced the Note 8 was coming out. But I still had a year left of payments, what’s a girl to do?


I walked into Sprint and walked out with the following deal:

  • Galaxy Note8
  • Kept both the 6Plus and 6S
  • Added a new line

I only paid the taxes and my new monthly cost? $224!!!! My youngest son will now get a phone when he turns 9 in 2 weeks. Normally he wouldn’t get a phone that early but what else are we going to do, keep it in a cabinet? I don’t think so.

So did any of you shop? If so, I’d love to hear what you bought and for how much! Any fights break out?







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19 thoughts on “The Deals I Got On Black Friday

      1. Lol, no they’re not. I first remember this as a kid watching everyone going nuts over cabbage patch dolls but I don’t know it was black Thursday.
        It’s good you survived! ☺️

        1. Ah, the Cabbage Patch kid! I remember how scarce they were. It was so bad, my parents gave money to a friend traveling to Italy to pick up an Italian one named Anabelle.

  1. Yes! I scored a big deal…I took an early morning nap after I sent my poor husband to work at 6:30 am. It’s the first year in 25 that I didn’t have to work the day after Thanksgiving. Previous years were spent dealing with thousands of calls in queue from customers wanting deals. No more! I just wanted to be snuggling warm, napping, and reading all day! SCORE!

  2. I stayed home – had a “yoga pants, pizza, and netflix” day hehe! But some of the homestay students went shopping. The guys said the stores were bananas. The girls told me all the good deals with bought haha.

  3. Yay that you managed to get all the things you wanted. You need a cheer-leading team to serenade your awesome shopping queen self!

  4. I braved Walmart at the opening of their Black Friday Deals because I forgot to pack pajama pants for my trip to see family. They had the clothing section taped off making it difficult to maneuver (but not impossible). Right at 6pm, every employee in the entire store blew a New Years Eve type noise maker to announce the start of the deals. I thought they were alerting to an air raid. I feared for my life for a split second.

    The only time I ever went out to shop Black Friday was one year I was looking to get a GPS. I got to Walmart around 4am, saw the line, and decided to buy the GPS that was not on sale. I was only a $20 difference…

    1. Wow….you were brave for braving Walmart just for PJ pants. I think I would have slept commando! I laughed out loud when I read your thing about the New Years Eve noise makers. I could totally see that happening.

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