European Man Sack

Last Sunday I blogged about evening #2 with the new soccer parents of my 12-year-olds team. We did the responsible thing and not only left the children at the hotel but headed to the casino to lose probably a combined total of $2,000. Super responsible.

So last Friday night, my husband and I sat in the lobby alone.

“Well this is fun.” I said sarcastically, blaming everything on my husband. Then one by one, parents began to trickle in. I didn’t know anyone’s name and after about 5 glasses of wine, I really didn’t care. At one point, one of the dads had brought down this nylon, red cooler with beer, water and ice blocks in it.

“Is that your European man sack?” I asked, completely serious. He chuckled and just nodded.

Eventually, a few of the parents went up but I was in it to win it. European man sack went up and never came back down. His mistake was leaving his sack.

“C, grab the camera!” I commanded my husband. And without further ado, I give you Hot Mess modeling the European man sack.

Show Me Surprised…….Show Me Serious…….Make Love To The Camera……My Glamour Shot…..

European Man Sack

You don’t know the power of the sack, till you try the sack…….

European Man Sack 3

I honestly have no title for this pose. I tried to think of something and every time I came up with something, I didn’t like it. Here is what I was thinking:

Sporty…..economical….that’s Eddie Bauer (that’s the brand of the bag and an ode to Sprockets from SNL)

I’ve been a naughty girl……

Will my wine box fit in here for tomorrow morning’s game.

European Man Sack 2

So that was the first night. Stay tuned ladies and gents because next weekend we are traveling out-of-state to Michigan with this same group. All of course will be documented for your reading and laughing pleasure!


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