Travel Soccer Journal Entry-Friday

Yesterday was the start of our journey an hour and 40 minutes away, to participate in a soccer tournament for both sons. I did have to work a half a day in which part of the day was cleaning out our building as we are moving into a new one. Occasionally I would see the IT guy go by carrying monitors outside. It finally dawned on me that he was throwing away perfectly good monitors. So what do Italian women do when they see somebody throwing away perfectly good items that a family member could use? They dumpster dive. Although this video isn’t too clear here is my coworker:

Two hours later, we were on the road. And actually 20 seconds into the drive (not even out of neighborhood yet) our children began to fight.  Now normally, I will be the patient one and say “hey you guys need to tone it down”.  My husbands like, ” listen up boys. I’m only gonna tell you this once, we will not be fighting this entire time down. Do you understand?” And miraculously, they stop fighting for a good 30 minutes.

Once we got to the Fairfield Inn, my oldest and I began our OCD habit of unpacking and putting stuff away. My husband and youngest threw their bags in a corner.

‘At least it’s in the corner,’ I thought, attempting to have a positive attitude.


Dinner  was at outback steakhouse with another family.  After being asked how many people would be at our table I said seven because apparently a family of four in a family of five equal seven in my head. This is why I say on more than one occasion I feel college math several times over.  After everyone informed me that four and five actually adds up to nine, we were then told that our 20 minute wait I just gone to an hour. In the bar area, I spied a table for 10 in which a couple of two was sitting at. My husband saw the same thing, walked over bribe them with two beers and they left the table immediately. We were sat with in five minutes.  Immediately upon sitting down my son and my friend’s son took their black cloth napkin’s, and tied them around their heads, as if they were Tupac.

Back at the hotel, families began to arrive and the festivities  could start. Now maybe it wasn’t a good idea to try to learn a new game while intoxicated but that’s what we did. It really won’t do us justice to explain us trying to learn. I will just end this with a Facebook live video I posted here:

Plan on additional video(s) this evening. But know this, I will learn this damn game before we start drinking!

 Attempting a new game while drunk

Click Here To Enjoy!


P.S.  I did this entire post in a car while between soccer games so if any of the words are really really funky I apologize.  The extra awesome part is that a lot of my post gets cut off so I can’t even double check it sometimes.


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