Younger And Bush

So I found a new show that I’m liking right now: Younger and it’s on TVLand. It’s about a 41 year old woman who divorces her gambling addicted husband and is having to sell her house because of his addiction. To make matters worse, she now needs to find a job and applies for positions normally filled by straight out of college women. All of this is going down while her twenty-something daughter is away in India, doing something I forget.

One night she goes to a dive bar in Manhattan with her best friend. While BFF is in the bathroom, a 26 year old man hits on her. She fibs and says she too is 26. But why stop there? She gets a fake ID and is posing as a twenty-something during interviews. She lands an assistant role for a major marketing firm and a Devil Wears Prada like woman.

At one point she goes to some stupid yoga thing with new co-workers. In the locker room her new co-workers flip out when they discover not only does she have an ahem….unkempt flower, but  1/2 of it is grey. Her cover is almost blown!

Now I would like to talk about my flower, bush, whatever you want to call it. First of all, why do we have it? Is it protecting something? I don’t know. It’s really kinda’ pointless, just like arm pit hair. Seriously, why didn’t we grow hair on our knee caps or shoulder blades; our clavicle for extra credit.

In 2000, I interned for Ralph Lauren in New York City. For the first time, I was invited to go out with the gals after work. As a 24 year old, I was over the moon to finally be accepted to the group. It was towards the end of my internship so this was the icing on the cake.

Where would we go? A hot night club in the East Village? A Wall Street tycoon’s penthouse in the financial district? Perhaps a party being held in an Ian Schrager hotel? No, we went to a Korean day spa in mid-town Manhattan for a $24.99 waxing. What the fuck? I’m a girl from a town in Central Ohio. Getting your eyebrows waxed was borderline royal and you want to extract my non-highlighted pubies? I don’t think so senorita.

Just to have human interaction, I was totally willing to go with the group. I was lonely and missed home so much that would call Greyhound every week, debating on leaving the city. I knew I would receive a failing grade and graduate even later then I was already graduating.

At the spa, my “tech” was less than enthusiastic to extract my hair. She was probably making .46 an hour and sharing a closet with 3 other girls…all to pull pubes from girls who really had no business being there.

So getting back to the show, the only thing, well 2 things I don’t like about the show is A. the actress cast as the bitchy boss and B. the patronizing expectation that the main character who is 41 in the show, knows nothing about technology. I think back about my use of technology and have done several things many twenty-somethings have never done and may never do:

  • Found my hacker in Hanoi via the internet.
  • Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Write code
  • Build a website
  • Understand Google Webmaster, Analytics and Adsense.

So just because I’m not 26, doesn’t mean I can’t do tech. It essentially means I don’t wish to rock some stupid site like Tinder or Snapchat. And for anyone that pulls the I don’t know anything about technology or hasn’t even tried to know, I encourage you to change your mindset. Take initiative to learn new things. It’s not going anywhere and can be useful in different ways. It’s not over your head, I can assure you of this.

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