An Open Letter To My Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5

Dear Galaxy Note 5,

I hate you! I was prepared to upgrade to a better, newer you (as you promised) and this is the thanks I get? I mean, I was within days of getting new and improved you- Note 7. Why are you doing this to me?

I stayed with you through thick and thin. It was Apple this and Apple that. But not me, I sang your praise and showed you off all the time. I was one of the first to buy, well ask for as a gift, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Before Apple and before 99% of the population had a smart watch, I wore you proudly. What now Galaxy? What? What?

And your pen! Let’s talk about your pen! When your pen dropped in the snow covered parking lot of PNC bank and I couldn’t find you, who threw down $39.95 to replace you ASAP? That’s right, me! Me! I am suffering a great loss as I cannot function without the pen. After following advice from a relative that worked at a company I was interviewing for, I used that pen to take notes during an interview; to show how tech savvy I was. I used that pen to take notes during a parent/teacher conference and again, I ask you…why?!? What am I to do now? Take a pen and notebook like a commoner? I don’t think so muchacho.

Now that you’ve dumped me faster than Brad Pitt moving on to the next 20-something hottie to open his next orphange, I am left to scour the internet, looking for something that will replace you. I hope your happy with yourself!


Not xoxo,

Hot Mess


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