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Hot Mess Hand Cream

When I first started blogging, everything I read was “find your niche” or “don’t write about everything or you’ll never gain the right audience”. I don’t have the facts here but if I were a bettin’ gal, which I am, I would venture to say a blog about hubcaps ceases to exist after roughly 6 weeks. There is only so much you can talk about.

Tonight’s post is no more random then my usual posts such as Semen TanksSexy Time or Corporate Phrases. After tweeting a few days ago about my midnight snack of bacon and wine, a very ambitious gal tweeted the following to me:

hot mess handcreme

I about fell off my chair. I needed a moment to digest the fact that there was a hand creme that was meant for me…..a hot mess.

A lone tear dropped into my Cabernet.

Long story short, Marcy, was kind enough to send me samples. I said I would review and maybe post about them if I liked them. In fairness, if any of them smelled like ass, I would not be mentioning them. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Right?




I received my package yesterday and was simply delighted over the whole presentation. Having worked corporate retail for years, I always notice packaging. This has nothing to do with Perfectly Posh (those are the geniuses behind Hot Mess btw) but I’m a sucker for packaging. You could put 2 chihuahua turds in a Tiffany’s box and I would fashion them into earrings just because of the box. I digress.

Perfectly Posh

CUBAN COOL LIP SCRUB $4 ( I shit you not, only $4)

Me myself and lipsI’ll be real here and be the first to admit I’m a lot like Napoleon Dynamite with my Chapstick. When I never go on Survivor or Naked and Afraid, my one article of survival would Chapstick. So I was VERY HAPPY to receive a sample of the Cuban Cool lip scrub as my Chapstick would have a partner in crime. It was amazing and smells very minty. Here is a picture of my lips after the lip scrub…and Chapstick of course!





I was secretly hoping the caffeine in the lotion would do double duty and sink into my veins, thus erasing the fact that I had only had 5 hours of sleep. Though it didn’t remove the feeling of only having 5 hours (that’s what Starbucks is for), it removed me looking like I had only 5 hours of sleep. The creme smells very fresh with hints of citrus. I get so pissed when I try a new creme and it’s like they took the oldest person in a retirement community and squeezed her scent into the lotion. Does that make sense? I don’t want to smell like Ethel. Like the day after Botox, I immediately looked awake and my skin brighter.


Ok, these bars are pretty huge and smell pretty awesome! And don’t give me, “$16 for a bar of soap?” This is no different then the 8 gallon drum of pickels you buy at Sams Club for $49.95. You won’t have to replace this bar, and I’m guessing here, for another 10 years. It’s 6 ounces of goodness compared to the typical 3 ounce soap bar. Again, fresh smelling. My oldest even tried it and is a big fan. I’ll never see it again.

And the grand finale……fireworks and drum rolls please…..HOT MESS! HOT MESS! HOT MESS!


I think if you like floral scents you will like this. They took a rose scent and somehow refined it. You know how rose can smell completely overpowering and obnoxious? Well this isn’t it. Perhaps they should have called it GOT MY S*** TOGETHER HAND CREME. Just throwing ideas out there.

So to my new friend Marcy, I thank you for letting me try your product! If you guys want to check this out too, please visit Perfectly Posh. But you have to visit Marcy’s site directly because I said so. 🙂   Here is Marcy’s Facebook page should you be so inclined (DOOO ITTTT!!) to like it: Perfectly Posh With Marcy Facebook Page

So there you go! If you want to treat yourself to American-made, cruelty free beauty products check out Perfectly Posh! I’m off to cook some bacon to go with my wine.




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