Corporate Phrases You’re Tired of Hearing-Part 1

I don’t understand how the English language became so fucked up in the work place. In my early twenties I marveled on how well-spoken these high power Executives were.

I wish I could talk like that’ was a frequent thought I kept to myself.

As the years went on, I continued to hear more and more phrases and it only became worse. Occasionally, I would be at a conference table and I would hear “put a lasso around that.”

Come again? I didn’t copy. What does that even mean? Are we at a rodeo? Put a lasso around what, your neck for saying what you just said?

Phrases began to spiral out of control. Executives from entry level to the CEO were strewing nonsensical phrases together then looking at their direct reports expecting complete adoration. Phrases began to manifest in daily communication such as job descriptions and employee reviews. To this day, if my husband or I let a phrase slip we are given carte blanche to make fun of the other person until it’s out of our system.

I’m breaking up my blog posts into a few posts over the next few days and this is the topic I want to talk about first as it is the most soul sucking. I’m sure many people use these phrases and don’t even realize it. If you do and regret it, there is hope. Like Pax Prentiss of Passages Rehab, “I too was once addicted to these phrases, but now I’m not.”

If you are new to corporate I have developed an easy to use chart for translation. I compiled over 100 phrases after talking with friends and family. Below is about 30. If you read these, promise me you won’t use them. Ok?

corporate terminology

In the next post I will have another chart for you covering corporate terminology such as Teamwork, Communication and how shit is organized. So what have you heard? I want to hear that have made you do a double take. I have 70 more to go and I hope to add new, douchier ones with you help!




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