My Current Purgatory- YouTube Videos, Tatum and Stocks


I was raised Catholic so naturally, I believe in purgatory. For those of you who don’t know purgatory, it’s a stop-off in your journey to either Heaven or Hell. Based on what you do in purgatory will pretty much decide if you are livin’ like a baller for eternity or being bent over every night by the devil. Sometimes, purgatory is used to describe a groundhog day-like situation and that is kinda where I’m at.

I don’t know what my problem is. After the election and covid, I’ve been kinda “blah”. It all pissed me off to the point of numbing me. Does that make sense? And please no political rants, this isn’t about Democrat or Republican. I’m just an American in a blah state.


That’s why I haven’t written much this year. I went all-in with my stocks and that was probably a bad idea. Like legit, getting up and checking my stocks while having a morning piss all in. I’ve been teaching myself candle-stick patterns, fundamentals of companies, and watching YouTube videos of suggested trades. My dumb-ass gave into FOMO on 2/8 and spent like a fuckin’ drunk sailor. Since then, I’ve watched the depressing side-ways trading of stocks like Nokia and Zomedica and I want to shake my stocks and scream “what’s wrong with you man!”


Additionally, on YouTube, I’ve been watching Cash Jordan, a real-estate broker for NYC. I’ve always been fascinated in dwellings, especially small ones. New York City is filled with tiny apartments. Given that the topic isn’t politically or covid based, it’s been like mash potatoes for me, warm and comforting. I lived in New York City for a few months during college so watching the videos brings back memories.


And lastly, there’s Tatum. God bless Tatum. He’s the talking dog of Maine. I fuckin’ love Tatum. He’s this little doggie that has a speech impediment and it makes him extra cute. In the beginning, I wanted my dog Maisel to talk like Tatum and like my search for beef carpaccio at the deli counter, I was searching for something that didn’t exist because I think it’s the dad that makes Tatum’s voice. I think I’ve watched all the videos and like the Cash Jordan videos, they aren’t about politics or covid so it gives me a few seconds of happiness.

So how about you? Has society been a real Debbie Downer these days? I really need Debbie and Karen to exit the building, especially given we are one step closer to burning our fucking masks. And a side note, I will be having a mask burning party and it will be fabulous. I won’t burn the ones I made at the beginning of the pandemic. I’ll save those for my great-grandchildren to take to school for show and tell when they cover the chapter on the worldwide pandemic. But plan on a post of my upcoming mask burning party. I’m getting my fire pit ready!


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