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Full disclosure, I’ve been kicked out of 2 local community pages. Actually, I self-exiled. I attempted to post my masks for sale on those sites and the curmudgeons that own both, gave me a stern talking to via social media. It was rather obnoxious.

How dare I pay myself a decent wage ($10-$18 per mask) as well as the cost of supplies. I’m clearly an ass hole.

After telling the page owner that she needs to do her homework about how much it actually costs to make a mask, as well as the time, she threatened to remove me. So I did her a favor and removed myself, not wanting to be a part of such ass holeness.

So when something “interesting” pops up on these pages, my good friend A, informs me. Case in point, this dude’s rant about tipping. Apparently it pissed him off so much, he felt the necessity to write a small opinion piece on it. Here, go ahead and read it, then let’s chat:

food delivery

Are You Trying to Get Fired?

Guessing this dude works for Grubhub or Doordash, is he trying to get fired?  What is his end game with this? For every one that he delivers to, does he think that because he wrote this magnificent piece of literature that his tips will be no less than 20%? I totally get what he’s saying about the whole tipping thing but like your pooping schedule, you don’t put that on social media.

And anyone that’s been in the restaurant industry knows that no matter how amazing your service is, you may get a crappy tip or even stiffed. It’s not right and it’s not fair but it’s part of the job. I once was stiffed by one of the richest men in town despite knowing that I did everything right. Then on the other hand, there have been piss poor patrons that tip me 25%. If you can’t live with the reality that you will serve ass holes on occasion then you need to start looking for a non-tipping job.

What are your thoughts on blasting this on social media? Was it a good idea? Was it brave or stupid? I want to know your thoughts in the comments!

P.S. BTW, his profile picture screams doosh bag. He’s just one blue tooth and an Ed Hardy shirt away from livin’ his best life on the Jersey Shore.


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