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Craig's List

I discovered a new nugget of ridiculousness on Craig’s List this evening and that is the Rideshare section. Now, I would like to think that the majority of people out there have at least the bare minimum when it comes to common sense. Like, they know they should stick there finger in an electrical socket or dive headfirst in an empty pool. Then I read these rideshare posts and I’m second-guessing the amount of common sense in the world. And some of the posts below just leave me confused. Like, is that what I think he/she means? Let’s get started.

Gals at the Clubs

clean girl

So is this a prostitute? At first I was like, you shouldn’t have to drive all the way to Miami to go to a club. But then, I reread the title “where the business is” and realized I think she meant prostituting. And really? Does she have to say she’s a “clean girl”? Why doesn’t she just say “hey weirdos, I’m free of venereal diseases that I’m aware of, come rape me.” Ewww, just ewww.

Don’t Trust Brandon


What the hell do you think’s going to happen with half of these posts? It’s your own dumb fault for setting up a ride share via Craigs List. Have you not heard of Lyft or Uber?

Idiot, Con-artist or Both

con artist

Let’s count the ways this is probably a con or a stupid person. First, the $ goes before the money. Second, you could fly to Cleveland roundtrip for $250! Third, if you need to include a picture, why is it with your shirt off? And lastly, the hallmark of most cons is the “God Bless You”. I need money. God bless you. I am going to steal something. God bless you. You can trust me. God bless you. Pllleeeassseee.

Casino NOW!


Can you imagine the fine human we are dealing with that uses Craig’s List to find a ride to the casino? First of all, if you’re using Craig’s List because you yourself do not have transportation, you should NOT be going to the casino! Second, Craig’s List isn’t exactly an on-demand situation. You don’t post this on a Tuesday night and expect a ride the next morning. Gawd, so stupid!



What if the anywhere turned out to be worst then Delaware, Ohio? And the “trade for”? Is this going to look like a scene out of Boogie Nights where Mark Walberg is at his lowest point and will do “anything”. Ewww………….



Just throwin’ ideas out there Kelly. Perhaps go work a job to get money so you can afford to drive to Oklahoma. You literally have nothing to offer anyone and you’re just setting yourself up for a long line of perves.

Working Girls?

working girl

Who posts this? Who does this? I want to know! At first, when I saw working girls, I thought Melanie Griffith and shoulder pads. Then “J” mentioned working girls going on dates and I’m like, this doesn’t have to do with skyscrapers in Manhattan. This has slime ball written all over it. Out of state? No problem! J has nothing else to do but haul your STD ass around the midwest! I just shake my head.

Did these baffle you as they did me? Tell me which one was your favorite!

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