We All Just Need 5 Hours More a Day!

5 hours

Do you ever wish the Lord came down and granted us maybe an extra 5 hours a day? But those 5 hours weren’t for making someone else rich, tending to your family or chores. I just need 5 more hours a day because I have so many budding side hustles/ hobbies. The thing is, I don’t give them the time they need to flourish as they could. I could do them all if I didn’t have that pesky little thing called a full-time job but alas, I wasn’t born a trust fund baby.

And the worst thing is, I don’t have a well-defined plan for any of these hobbies (we’ll call them that for convenience). I’ve tried in the past, hell, I’ve posted about it here. But I have the will power of R. Kelly in an American Girl Doll store. I just can’t stick with a consistent plan. I’ll type it out using Excel complete with a place to check off when a task is complete. I’ll do this for approximately 2 days. This is when I regret printing off 50 sheets of the exact plan I have no intention of following through with.

5 Extra Hours a Day

If I could get 5 extra hours a day to do what I want, here is what it would be spent on:

  • Blog writing
  • Promotion of the blog/social media
  • Building my affiliate marketing
  • Building my Etsy store
  • Making stuff for my Etsy store
  • Work on a novel I’ve started (yes folks, I’ve started a fictional book but my thoughts are all over the place)
  • Learning more about the stock market (I just started investing)

Then, if I could just get a plan going. Right now it’s just whatever I’m up to. No plan whatsoever. Am I the only one here? Do you guys feel this way too? I need a handler and I need that handler to keep me on task. Anyone up for the job?



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