How Do I Achieve A Blogging Routine?

blogging routine

I don’t know the answer to this. How do I achieve a routine with blogging? I am asking everyone out there. When I say blogging routine I mean, how can I get a set routine and keep it on everything that needs done? If you want your blog to grow, and I do, how the hell do I get my mind in that militant frame of mind of, I will do X at this time and on this day and tomorrow I will do X at this time and on this day? I mean, let’s review the list of everything a successful blogger needs to do, all while working a full-time job and raising a family:

  • Actually write and write well. Write consistently and all the time.
  • Respond to everyone’s comments (this is probably my favorite thing to do! Love talking with all of you!)
  • Read other fellow blogger’s posts and leave thoughtful comments.
  • Participate in blogging groups on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • Add new plug-ins and learn how to use them.
  • Maintenance their site (this is more for self-hosted which is my dumb ass).
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +.
  • Understand the best times of day to post on social media as well as what to post. Oh, and you must post consistently.
  • Find new bloggers to follow.

What Gets In My Way

But here is my problem, I am only doing the 1st and 2nd bullet point consistently. I wish I had the willpower to have a set schedule but then either me or someone else gets in the way of that:

  • Laziness
  • Television show I watch religiously
  • Being chattered to death by children (I’ll write about that in probably my next post)
  • Fatigue
  • Responsibilities at home
  • 0 will power
  • Responsibilities at work

I think the biggest culprits of why I don’t do more are laziness and fatigue. Then those two vices flow into “television I watch religiously” and makes me completely unproductive.

So, I’m at a loss you guys and I really need your advice. I’ve got to get some structure here. I want it as structured as me heading off to work each morning, except this doesn’t provide a paycheck….yet. I want to hear about your struggles blogging and if you have a routine, I am all ears!

P.S. Off to one of those indoor, over-stimulating, video game places for my youngest’s birthday. Sure to product a post there!



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