I’m Trying to be a Good Neighbor


I’m trying really hard to be a good neighbor but I’m about to loose my God damn mind. I don’t know if these people just moved in but they are going to make me loose it.

Our property backs up to a pond. On the other side of the pond we must have new neighbors. I say new because in the past 16 years of living here, this has never been a problem. Every night at about 6 PM (on weekdays) it starts. A melody of children screaming and laughing in their backyard. The parents are yelling over them and it’s just one big fun fest and like the Fyre festival, I wish it would have never happened.

Tonight was the icing on the cake. I shit you not, Frozen- Let it Go was blarring, and blarring and blarring. At one point I was ready to scream “JUST LET THE MUTHA-FUCKA GO!” There is only so much of that song you can take.

Please ignore the 1/2 cut grass. It rained on Saturday and my son had 2 soccer games on Sunday. He was suppose to mow today but when I came home today, surprise, surprise, no mowing. It was still half-assed and it’s embarrasing.

Just One More Song…..

“Ok, one more song,” I head the dad promise the kid.

And so began the Cha-cha Slide song. Really? Aren’t we only suppose to only play that at weddings?

Look, we used to have outdoor parties ALL THE TIME but it was on the weekends. I’m trying really hard to be patient but these people are dancing on my nerves right now. To be that oblivious….I mean……

Do you guys have neighbors that do similar stuff like this? Can you imagine living right next door?


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