Disgusted, Absolutely Disgusted

I hope I have a bunch of parents read this and I want comments but I’m pissed off and disgusted and I’m going to tell you all about it. Lucky you. Be prepared for some f’bombs.

Back in December, a town about 30 minutes from here (Lancaster), put on a drag queen show for charity. Fabulous! I fuckin’ love drag queens. The world is better because we have drag queens. And because it’s for charity, rock on croutons.

But my beef isn’t with the drag queens. It’s with a set of parents of a 10-year-old child. You know what? I’m not going to say anything just yet. I want you guys to watch the video for yourself and then we can discuss:


  • This is a 10-year-old child
  • The child is wearing a revealing outfit
  • He is wearing heels
  • He is dancing provocatively
  • The child is collecting dollar bills, resembling the behavior of a stripper
  • He’s at bar with drinking patrons, around midnight

But you’ll love this, in lieu of the mayor of the town condemning the behavior of the parents, he takes offense to the parody page that posted this video:

Lancaster MayorAll I kept thinking about was my 10-year-old son whom I ensure is in bed at 9 PM on school nights then I don’t care what time he goes to sleep on the weekends because he’s usually tuckered out by 10 PM anyway.

Look, I get it if you’re at a fuckin’ Olive Garden and you wait like 45 minutes and you’re eating dinner at 8:30. But this is so fuckin’ wrong to have your kid at a bar, around midnight, taking “tips” from patrons.








Pissed, I wrote this on the Mayor’s page:

response to mayor







The Bombshell

So why am I so admit about this? Why are fighters, like Melissa Ackison fighting for this child? Not only is he being exploited but it’s important to mention that this child’s stepfather is a sexual offender. Not to mention, public figures aren’t doing enough for this kid.

Look, this is a humor blog but I know what is right and wrong. For shit like this, I need help. Please send a message to this mayor to shut this business down and to protect this precious child. If I can use my platform to help him, that is what I’m gonna do.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MayorScheff/

Email: [email protected]




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