One Great Monday!


I know…I know….I’m a real ass hole for suggesting a Monday to be “great”. Usually, I’d rate Monday’s between soul-sucking, all the way up to “meh”. But no, seriously, today was a great Monday!

I Don’t Believe the Scales

So I hit the scales in my bathroom. As every Monday goes, I disrobe, take off all jewelry, hair ties, and take a piss. I want every ounce off my body before my the weigh in. If I had the ability, I would probably give blood every Monday, just to remove another pound. As you may know, I’m on Weight Watchers, attempting to lose weight and haven’t exactly knocked it out of the park yet. Sure there’s been Thanksgiving to consider but I got back on the wagon the following week. I hopped on the scales and to my unusual delight, I lost 3 pounds! Can you believe it?

I think a lot of it had to do with putting together and IKEA sofa over the weekend which was bitch. I also worked-out, cleaned my house, did enough laundry to clothe the entire state of Vermont, and made a ton of glasses on my Cricut.


The next great thing that happened today was when I noticed a ton of Facebook notices. I logged on only to discover I had been selected as the featured blogger for Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers!  I am so excited and honored for this to happen! My only regret was having little time to interact with everyone since I was at work all day.

So yeah, I’m sure next Monday I’ll get sued or perhaps my 2003 car will decide to meet its maker. But for this Monday, well, I own this Monday! I hope your Monday was wonderful too!


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