Facebook Selling Wall Part 3

Facebook selling wall part 3

Occasionally, I love to do posts on items that are currently being sold on my friendly, local, Facebook wall. Some of the crap is amazing and baffles me. If you want a good laugh, become a member of some of these groups. I can assure you, they don’t disappoint. Here are a few I found!

Shampoo & Conditioner

Loreal shampooNo holds? Noooo!!! How will I ever get shampoo and conditioner, if not on the black market of a Facebook selling wall? I mean, I’m sure my local grocery store doesn’t sell shampoo and conditioner. Thank God you are offering this to us!














Rainbow Leggings

rainbow leggingsThis picture doesn’t even have an ass in it and it looks fat already. And if 1 size fits size 2 to 12, how tight are these leggings on a size 12 body? Not to mention the stupid roses are tie-dye. Why? Just why?
















Boy’s Underwear

boys underwearBoy’s underwear, 260 pairs, all new! Wait….what??? First, how does one amass 260 pairs of new, boys underwear? And second, who goes to a Facebook selling wall to buy it or sell it? You don’t do that man! You just don’t. Come on peoples! Do you honestly think you’ll earn $260 by selling all 260 pairs? You won’t! I’ve offered a tablet for the rock bottom price of $20 on this selling wall and I have some people low-balling me down to like $5. And my last question: what Wal-Mart truck did this fall off of?












“Seramic” Hand Painted Lizard


This is my favorite item out of everything. Apparently, this is a new form of pottery and cannot be classified as a ceramic painted lizard. I’m going to have to research other seramic items that are our there because if there anything like this beautifully painted lizard, I’ve just found my newest Pinterest board. The second reason this is my favorite item? Because they’re taking time out of their day to sell this piece of shit for a whopping $5. And what if you sell it and have to meet someone 20 miles away? You’ve now spent all $5 you received from your seramic in gas.












Bras, 36A

brasIt’s not bad enough that you’re selling bras on a Facebook selling wall is it? If I were interested in these bras (which I’m not), why are we meeting at a saddle shop? Why not Starbucks? Or a library? Are you trotting in on a horse, with bras? Are the profits from the bras, paying for a saddle repair? I’m so confused. And thank you for verifying these are Maidenform bras. I was worried about the authenticity of a brand I could have easily purchased at Wal-Mart.













Soap Dish

soap dishSeriously! A soap dish…..for a dollar? Why would you even waste your time? This is just a stupid thing to do. Really, it is.


I want to tell all these people to stop selling stupid things but then again, I wouldn’t be able to post them. You know? Until next time…..
















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