7 Songs I’m Listening to Right Now

7 Songs

It’s been ages since I’ve actually had new songs (at least new to me) that I’m putting on repeat. I would like to say I was in a massive music drought up until recently. Music to me often times describes what you’re going through or is as simple as enjoying the beat. Here’s what’s on my playlist right now. Again, a few of these may be older but if I choose to put Medieval music on my playlist, hot damn, that’s what I’m gonna do.

High Hopes – Panic at the Disco

This song is definitely motivational, especially if you’re thinking about giving up on anything.


Broken- Lovely the Band

This song to me has a California vibe. I also like the message that we’re all a little broken and that’s ok.

Delicate Taylor Swift

I usually play this song when I’ve pissed off yet another person from my blog. Basically the message is like, “well I did it, fuck it, let’s drink!” I hate the video though. I wish they would have acted out the lyrics. Not a damn musical!

Move to Miami- Enrique Iglesias featuring Pit Bull

It has Pit Bull in it, need I say more? I’ve never been a fan of Enrique Iglesias but I do love this song.

Killer Queen- Queen

Sure, I wasn’t even alive when this song was made but I love it! It’s very rock-n-roll meets Gossip Girl in my head.

Back to You- Selena Gomez

Ok, I was kinda embarrassed to admit I like a song by Selena Gomez and when I first heard it, I had no idea it was her. The video is very campy but somehow, it fits.

You Don’t Own Me – Grace featuring G-Eazy

So this song is about 3 years old but I love it. I love when a classic is remade and rap is added to it. You’ll laugh but I would kill to have someone remake 9 to 5 and add rap to it. I think it could be hot. Hell, if they can reincarnate Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers into Ghetto Superstar (loved that btw), they can do 9 to 5.

Ok, it’s your turn! What are you listening to right now? Gonna need name and artist because I want to check them out!


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