10 Blog Topic Ideas

Blog topic ideas

If I could write every day, I absolutely would. Unfortunately, sometimes, I just don’t have anything to write about. About once a month, I’ll go about 4 or 5 days without writing and honestly I feel like I’ve abandoned a child. This break replenishs ideas and allows my brain to rest.

Something that has amazed me is I’ve been able to come up with blog topics for nearly 3 years now. As I continue to go about my day, I treat every moment as a possible blog post. I guess what I’m saying is inspiration is always around us. We just need to keep our eyes opened to the opportunities.

I think some bloggers feel the need to write a short story for every single blog post and sometimes this gets in the way of posting more frequently. I wrote a post entitled 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Read Your Blog, and long-winded posts is one of the reasons I won’t read a blog. Readers want to be entertained and when you have a post that reads like a police report, it’s enough to make you want to poke your eyes out. That being said, I strive to keep my posts 750 words or less. People are busy, I’m busy and stories can be told within 750 words.

Below is a list of where I get inspiration for blog posts. Hopefully this can help you!


I poke fun at myself, weekly. I’ve fully accepted that I’m not perfect in anything I do. It’s cathartic to admit this and write about it. Many people attempt to hide imperfections behind lies, Facebook posts and gossip about the incomplete people in their lives. Write about your lack of self-control with food. Make a list of corners you cut with cooking or cleaning! People appreciate your imperfections! I promise!

Day to Day

This isn’t for everyone but I’ve gotten pretty good at writing funny posts about things you wouldn’t think aren’t hilarious and quiet frankly, boring. It’s just the approach and comparisons I use. Take my post from yesterday. I was able to pull together a post about waiting for the bathroom and the couple in front of me at a restaurant: Ass Drums. Some of these posts have bombed but some have done pretty well!

When Out of Ideas, Google

Yep, I’ve Googled ideas when I was out of them. I wanted to write something but I didn’t know about what. Sometimes the ideas are cliché but sometimes you find amazing little nuggets. No one should ever steal an idea but instead, use those ideas for inspiration.

Spam Comments

Wait till you have a bunch of spam comments on your blog, take screen shots of each one of them and comment on them. They’re HILARIOUS! Especially all the Viagra spam comments I get. Maybe someones trying to tell me something?


Amazon is a plethora of ideas. Between the odd things for sale and the comments on products, it’s a treasure trove of inspiration.

Selling Walls or Craig’s List

Similar to Amazon, the shit people try to sell is breathtaking. One of my posts was about a person attempting to sell shark teeth. Another was someone selling underwear.


Kids, especially toddlers act like drunk people, I’m just being real. If they’re not throwing temper tantrums they’re making messes. I write many posts about my kids. You don’t have to have kids to write about them. Write about the little turd you saw at the mall, ripping shirts off a fixture. Or write about why you do or don’t want kids.

Write What You Know

This is important. I know how to get an upgrade at hotels so I’ve written about it. Similar to the first idea above, I don’t know anything about home improvement and I’ve written about my lack of DIY. The words flow easier when it’s a topic you’re familiar with.


Believe it or not, rude behavior has served as inspiration. I’ve written many topics on How to be a Decent Human Being __________ (fill in the blank). Again, it’s just usual stuff but people appreciate that you get where they are coming from!


I love to write posts comparing my life as a kid versus what today is like today. Similarly, I’ve compared technology, fashion and communication. It’s fun and a topic many people can relate to!

Ok, it’s your turn! Where do you get inspiration? I’m always looking for ideas!




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