5 Reasons I Won’t Read A Blog


I was inspired by another blogger who discussed several reasons why she wouldn’t read other people’s blogs and I agreed with several of her reasons, a few I didn’t and I had a few of my own to add. I try to stop in to several blogs each week and read them but between a full-time job, a 1.5 hour total commute each day and 2 boys in soccer (that practice 3 times a week at 2 separate fields), I sometimes go 4 days without washing my hair. Don’t judge, that gives me 20 minutes more of freedom. Below are the quickest ways to totally turn me off from a blog.

Too Long

I’ve heard one expert say keep a post under 500 words, another said 750. I try to keep about 90% of my posts under 750 because I know people are busy and lose interest fast. It’s soul sucking when you begin to read a blog then you realize you have 5,000 more words to go and your like “sweet Jesus, when will this be done?” I’m not saying some posts don’t warrant 3,000 words because some do and some are really good but if every single post is 3k+……well……..

Writing Like I’ve Read Every Post And I’m Completely Caught Up

I’m not. I try very hard to write each post as if the reader is visiting for the first time. What turns me off from a blog I’m reading for the first time is referencing people and past events that I have no idea about. Here’s an analogy, you’re not going to be engaged in a movie you began watching half way through, right? When I reference past events, I make sure to link to that blog post for context. If I mention my kids, I state their ages so there is again context of what I’m dealing with. If I discuss work, I state my position.


I’ve used roughly 3 GIFS in the past 2 years. I’ve seen entire posts of nothing but GIFS. And seriously, this may just be my issue but I cannot read text while out of the corner of my eye, I see someone jumping off a house….over….and over again.


During the election, I wrote a few humorous posts on the candidates but made it a point to keep it neutral. After the election, I even wrote about who I voted for and why. If your post is about the best blueberry muffin recipe on Earth then you add a negative political comment, a comment that has zero place in the text, I’ll stop reading. I’ll stop reading because reading blogs and punching out blogs is my therapy, not a debate or battle ground.


Like the GIFS, this is totally my issue. If you blog chapters of a book, I just can’t get into it. I feel really bad about this but we all have preferred genres (mine is humor) and the stories usually aren’t it.

So what makes you not read a blog? Be honest guys! There has to beย something you don’t like or am I just an ass hole? Wait, don’t answer that.




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