2 thoughts on “Branding Your Blog- Part 2

  1. Hi Angela, I think the unique thing about your brand is YOU. A snazzy logo – shit your pants tagline or not – may draw a new reader in, but it is you and your writing that will keep them hooked. I believe a brand is about being consistent – not with content necessarily but with your style and what readers come to expect. I heard UK blogger Vix Meldrew give a talk recently, and she suggested you pick three words which describe you and your blog, and make sure they come across in every post. So put it out there… what three words would your readers use to describe your blog? That’s your brand.

    I’d totally go for honest, hilarious and relatable x

    1. Bless you Emmalene! Bless you! It excites me even more to do this branding exercise with all this wonderful feedback. I’ll try to find Vix Meldrew to see if I can find that talk. That seems like another logical puzzle piece to the whole branding experience: 3 words to describe you and your blog. I use 2 already in my tagline: a humorous, honest, hot mess approach to life! You all are amazing! This is why I love the blogging community!

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