A Mystery is Solved

You guys, I’m so excited I can’t wait to tell you! So….so excited! It’s like Christmas in August for me and Hot Mess Memoir. So what happened? What has me typing furiously on my laptop on the side of the soccer fields?

A doggie!

“Hot Mess, wtf? Did you get another doggie?”

Look, if we didn’t have soccer every night of the week, tournaments every other weekend and full-time jobs, I would love to get another puppy. But it’s not fair to them. So here is what I’m excited about.


For those of you that have been with me since the blogging beginning, this was my avatar:

Chinese Crested Dog

After a while, I didn’t feel right using it without asking the owner’s permission. Since probably early 2016, I would search from time to time for the owner. The only lead I could find were pins on Pinterest of the above picture and the URL’s led me nowhere.

My Online Search

I am working on a new project for my blog. It’s a surprise and I’ll let you guys know if I go through with it. Because of this project, I decided to search again today for this beloved puppy. And today I got lucky and found Miss Ellie and her owner! Miss Ellie was 2009’s World’s Ugliest Dog! I found them!! I messaged Miss Ellie’s owner, Dawn Goehring and explained my blog and how I would be honored to have Miss Ellie as the face of Hot Mess Memoir. And you know what? She agreed!

Why Miss Ellie is Perfect

Miss Ellie is perfect because my blog is about the perfectly imperfect. It’s for all of us that don’t have our shit together and may never get it together. Take right now. I’m sitting in the back of my husband’s SUV while my son’s soccer team practices. I know I should be walking as it’s a beautiful day. Instead, I’m typing this up and eating my Baby Bell Cheese and Crackers. Trust me, the snack is more for my family’s sake then mine as I would eat my young by the time this practice is over.

Baby Bell Cheese

The actual debris from my feeding time

The one sad thing is Miss Ellie is no longer with us. She died in 2010. I was so disappointed when I read that. I wanted to meet her some day.

So folks, Miss Ellie has a name and she’s back on Hot Mess Memoir! I want to thank Dawn for kindly allowing me to use Miss Ellie’s image! Miss Ellie will be worshiped on this blog and I am so happy to have found her!



Hot Mess

P.S. Many folks have asked why I didn’t want to use Chichi’s image. Due to artistic differences, we were unable to come to agreement before her passing. I’m sure she is happy with my choice of Miss Ellie.


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